Instructional Technology and the NGSS



Fellow educators, how are using Goformative, and/or other tech tools to meet the needs of your students inlight of the NGSS Standards? Any specific strategies or ideas that you are willing to share would be great.

NGSS Science Practices and Formative

Great question! The NGSS are such a unique set of standards and I’d love to hear how others are using tech to address them. I am tagging @Science_Educators in here in case anyone has any ideas they’d like to share :slight_smile: Feel free to use tags like this in future posts to get the attention of different subject-specific educators! You can view all the different groups here.


One of the things that I’ve done inside Formative is develop a series of Phenomena Formatives for each of the grades/units I teach.

Students craft a first response as we start the unit, and I have them set to edit after submitting so that they can go back and craft at least two more responses as the unit progresses (with an opportunity to keep adding). This allows both the students and myself to keep track of how their ideas change and become more refined as we proceed.


Thanks for sharing Mariana! This is really great. Phenomena is a great way to start a unit! I will definitely follow your lead and incorporate more of it into my lessons, especially in my formatives.


This is definitely be a challenge to conquer. Especially in science.


@mgarcia I like the way you have allowed for refinement of student ideas over the course of the unit. I intend to try this next year. Thanks for sharing!