Insert an image into feedback


I would love to be able to insert an image into the feedback section for students.


I agree. This would be a great feature for students especially for students with IEP’s or who may need other accommodations in order to complete their work


I agree it would be great. In the meantime, I’ve been adding links to the feedback. In the cases when it is a picture or image that is not on the web, for example when I need a picture of an anchor chart I created, I take a picture of it, upload it to my drive and share that link (shortened). A couple more steps but it seems to work.


Thanks for the feedback @kcusano @senger @mgarcia ! Can you guys share the different reasons you’d send students images as feedback and give examples of the images you’d send?

@mgarcia I love the workaround!


@senger thanks for providing this use case. What kinds of images would you usually send to your students with IEP’s?


The graphic organizers or pictures of anchor charts, short notes for assessments, and other tools that support their accommodations/modifications.


@kcusano Being able to insert images/GIFs as feedback is now available as a premium feature! Check it out: