Inferencing Skills in ELA



I am finding that students have difficulty with making inferences-an area highly tested in Texas. I know that for some it is a matter of maturity. For others, it is a failure to read closely. I have used the names of the professional sports team to help with this. Additionally, I use photographs as well.

I am looking for other ideas that can help build on the basic, more visual things I am doing. I would like to be able to scaffold the skills. So let the ideas flow freely- I know you will have some great ideas, formatives, and suggestions for me.



That is a challenge for my adult students, too. I have used commercials as well as music in the past, which has been pretty helpful and FUN.


What grade level are you? I have some materials for 6/7/8 on inferencing based on the STAAR test. You can DM me here or on twitter @mrserinjewell

Inferencing is such a hard concept, esp. how STAAR tests it.


How about having them takes selfies and you posting it on formative. Student infer what the students is feeling based on the selfie.


I teach 9th, so any materials would be very helpful.


Let me dig around in my drive–we worked specifically on it last year at my campus to hit those TEKS. Inferencing is sooooo hard!