Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Thanks Shai! This is a great point to bring up!


Some schools and districts do not use Google Classroom though. We use Microsoft and login though Clever for most everything.


My wish list is to be able to assign a Formative to a specific student within a class and not opening it up to everyone. Sometimes students need to do make ups or in a few instances early but I do not want it available to everyone.
I believe I read earlier about student feedback of results. Once everyone has taken an assessment, I will assign it again and leave it closed so that they can see how they did, which questions they missed, etc. However, it would be nice for them to see their score on their login screen maybe nice to the open button.


I like this idea, too. I’ve read in the Formative Community this summer that the workaround for this is to assign the student the Guest code/link. You can then find their answers under the ‘ALL’ button on the student responses page.


Thanks for the feedback Lara! I can definitely see how assigning a formative to small groups/individual students would be very useful for both make-ups as well as providing differentiated formatives as well! We are strongly considering this feature. We are also strongly considering an option for students to view their own progress across formatives (from their own dashboards). I could see how this would be useful for helping them take more ownership over their learning.


I love this idea! Individual lock/unlock would be great just like it is in Google Classroom when I assign to individual students…


Thanks for supporting this idea, Michael! This is a great one that we are definitely considering!


I love using formative in my class! I is so straightforward and really helps to interact with students and provide individual feedback effectively, both in and out of class.

I would love to be able to provide feedback to students without having to click into each individual student’s response on a formative. I seem to remember that you used to be able to just use the colour slider to provide quick feedback to students as they answered questions (I could be mistaken about this) - but now it seems that you need to click into each individual student’s response to provide feedback.

I would still love to be able to click into each student’s response and provide more detailed written feedback - but if you could just hover over each question and use the colour sliding scale to provide feedback - this would allow greater capabilities for providing real-time feedback in class.



Thanks for the feedback, Jessica! Yes, you used to be able to click on a student response and the slider would appear directly above it. We added the side panel for the sake of feedback and being able to easily navigate between responses for questions and students. That being said, we definitely see how that was quicker in certain cases and can definitely consider bringing it back!

In the meantime, here’s a workaround that @mshs has found!


I don’t know if it has been mention yet, but when giving feedback, I would love to be able to write on the students’ “Show Your Work” type problem as opposed to only being able to type feedback. I use GoFormative weekly for my Algebra classes and often use the “Show Your Work” option as I want to see their process of solving a problem. It would help to be able to actually circle a part in their work process so they can see exactly what I’m talking about as opposed to me trying to describe exactly where in their work my feedback applies.


This would be such a powerful feature, Heather! It was actually part of our Certified Educator feature vote and we hope to be able to get it out there soon!


I would like the ability to create my own standards to use with the Standards Tracker. Or the ability to edit the current standards. I had used [](Power School’s Solo account) for a long because of this ability.


Thanks for the feedback, @mszczepanik ! It would be great to hear more about why you would like to be able to create your own standards and/or edit the current standards you use. Would the new standards or changes to existing ones be specific to your classroom or your school?


This is a long answer but it is a true passion of mine. To start, the main reason I use standards in the first place is to communicate to students and parents where a students strengths and weaknesses are. But many of the past and current curricula have too many standards.

For example- I am going to use ngss as my source for standards. If I used the 3D standards for HS Life Science there are 24 standards. How is a student or parent supposed to remember what HSLS1-3 looks like? Especially since it includes a Science Practice, a Crosscutting Concept and Disciplinary Core Idea.

However, if I go with all the science practices (8) and all the Crosscutting Concepts (7) and all the DCIs (4 minimum) then there’s at least 19. Too many!!!

So what I have done is condensed my standards down to 9. Still a little high but better than the other options.

The first group I have used exactly as written. Here they are:
SP1 - Asking Questions
SP2 - Developing and Using Models
SP3 - Planning and Conducting an investigation
SP4 - Analyzing and interpreting data
SP8 - Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating information.

I eliminated SP5 - Using mathematics as a stand alone standard because I incorporated it into all the standards.

I combined the following into one standard
SP6 - Constructing Explanations
SP7 - Engaging in argument from evidence
And I call it
SP6/7 - Constructing explanations as evidence to be used in Argumentation

I have also used the Crosscutting Concepts as Standards but combined them as was suggested in NGSS Appendix G starting on page 11 into the following:
CC1 - Patterns
CC2/6 - Causality (this combined CC2 Cause/Effect and CC6 Structure/Function)
CC3/4/5/7 - Systems (Combo of CC3-Scale/Proportion/Quantity, CC4 - System/System Models, CC5 - Energy/Matter and CC7 - stability/change)

You will notice I don’t include any content standards - instead of focusing on the what of science I am using the science practices and Crosscutting Concepts to keep the focus on the how and why of science. The content is learned by using the practices. I believe the spitting back of facts is not science and is reason why so many kids dislike science.

So essentially- this cannot bedone using the current standards as written. I hope I didn’t lose in my extremely long winded response.


Thank you so much for the detailed reply. That completely makes sense. Currently, we are only able to offer custom modifications/additions like this for premium schools and districts. You can learn more about our premium team/school plans here. In the future, we can consider making custom modifications/additions a premium teacher feature as well.


Adding my voice to @mszczepanik’s request as a science colleague and one of the reasons I tend not to tag the standards as we had previously discussed.

@david, would you consider adding to the taggable standards the NGSS crosscutting concepts and practices as a “stand-alone” set? Although I agree with @mszczepanik that they are still too many, it would be a step in the right direction. While it would be repetitive to tag a content standard in most of my formatives since most, if not all questions deal with that one standard, being able to tag by S&EP and XCC would allow my students and I to track progress towards mastery in scientific thinking, which is at the core of NGSS.

Show your work, for example, is a perfect use of “developing and using models”, regardless of the content standard. I want to know if my students can do that, and tracking their progress in this is much more valuable for me than when I tag by the 7 different content standards that use 7 specific models.


It would be very useful if Formative had an unlocking feature that would require students to have a code to access an assigned Formative. I’d want all kids to have access but only if they were ready … stagger the starting times for a Formative. For example if they were done something early they could have the code to start and it would be closed to others until I unlocked it for all. Does my request make sense?


Thanks, I can definitely see why you want them. We could consider adding them if there a lot of demand to make them publicly available. Does NGSS offer stand-alone abbreviations for the crosscutting concepts and practices?


That makes sense. One thing that we have considered in the past is being able to assign a formative to specific students within a class. So in your case, you could just assign it to specific students as they become ready. Would that meet your needs? As a temporary workaround, I might suggest assigning your “extension formative” to Guest Students and then only giving the quick code to students who are ready. They can then sign in to take it. You can later assign it to your Formative classes if you want to assign it to the whole class or view all the responses for a specific class (under the specific class tab)!


I think that sounds like a great solution if that’s possible.