Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Thanks for giving such detailed feedback, Tricia! I see how this would be helpful and we can definitely consider it :slight_smile:


Does Tricia’s solution work well for you? If not, we’d love to hear what we can do to improve zooming!


In addition to many of the suggestions posted, I would like the students to be able to see the tracking of their learning. The tracking is impactful for the teacher of course, but the power is in the student tracking their progress, understanding what they get and what they haven’t gotten “yet”.


Thanks for the feedback Linda! What would you ideally like students to be able to see (ex: averages on each standard)?


I would love this feature as well!


Thanks for the feedback, Kelsey! We record every piece that we get :slight_smile:


I am not sure if this is already an option but I had tried playing with it before. Is there a way to show answers not only without the names but in a random order? I have projected answers nameless before but kids know who is first, last etc if they are still alphabetical.


Great question, @MrsRochon! We just added the ability to sort names alphabetically and by score. Being able to sort them “randomly” is a great idea that we can definitely consider. As a workaround, I’ve already started to hear teachers say that they are just sorting the names alphabetically in different ways and that seems to prevent students from guessing names:


I love an equation editor button as well as the quick close and open idea. I hope to see that.


Hi @mpugh ! It was a pleasure meeting you today! Just to clarify, are you referring to this idea of making it easier to remove access to a formative completely:

Regarding the equation editor, are you saying that you’d like to see one? We now have a button-based equation editor available for teachers to create questions and answer choices and for students to respond to questions!


This might be on here already. but I would LOVE if I could be alerted when students submit their formatives. I allow retakes/corrections sometimes and right now I have to rely on students to tell me they retook it. If I could get an email or a notification in Goformative (maybe a pop up or something?) that a student has submitted or resubmitted assignments it would be very helpful. It would be good to be able to turn this feature off as well, I know not everyone would want 100 emails/alerts saying their students submitted as assignment.


Hello all,

I would LOVE to be able to select a group of answers and mark them all right or wrong.

I work a lot with formatives that use short answers which do not have an exact answer to them. I especially use this in my Science and Bible classes. Making them into multiple choice is tedious and usually doesn’t get across to me whether the student is understanding the material. My problem is with grading these assignments. If I put an answer into the key, then it marks all but a few wrong, so then I have to click on each individual box and then click far away from that box to toggle the score. I found a shortcut to this at one point using click-tab-1 however with the automatic update interface that goformative runs on, the correction will not take and it remains incorrect. I also run into the same problem of changing the score one by one and sometimes even after turning green, if I click away to the next question and look back, the question will go back to being incorrect.

This process makes it slower than grading by hand when it comes to short answer.

I would LOVE to be able to select a group of answers and mark them all right or wrong.


I have done some research on this and I think the current solution to this is with Google classroom. You could reassign there for those students and there is a box that they click to tell you if they did it. It may be a solution that works for you in this next school year to maybe set things up on google classroom.


I thought the same thing this year when I found myself clicking all over the page to grade student work. I think selecting multiple students and assigning a grade, or something similar to the old Formative where a sliding bar pops up above the student’s name when you click on their response box to grade it, would be extremely helpful. The fastest I can currently grade is to pick a problem and view the response. Then I click the right arrow key next to the student’s name (on that right hand scoring pane).


Thanks for the feedback, Kristen! We can definitely see how receiving notifications would be valuable and can definitely consider this!

I love this workaround for Google Classroom. If you’ve imported your classes from Google Classroom, you can also use a shortcut for posting your formatives there as assignments!


@mshs @tricia.mintner this is currently available with our premium teacher plan! You can learn more about premium here.

I just sent you a message to follow up on this!


Has anyone suggested a discussion forum question type? I would like for students to respond to a question and respond to it before seeing other responses. It would be great if students and teachers could reply as well to student responses…shooting for the moon here!


Thanks! I’ll start looking at the premium plan and see if my administrator would be willing to invest.


I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone request this one yet in our community, but I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: We can definitely consider it!


Yes, I would like this as well. I have students that if I open the ahead of time, their parents will do the formatives for them. I don’t really care if the parents know how to do the material or not, I only care about the student’s mastery and giving him/her feedback.