Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Good morning all!

Hello David,

I was wondering if Formative will ever considering releasing student badges for Formative. I read extensively and instituted badge collecting about mid-year (it was on the back burner of planning). However, the students (especially those that are badge collectors, motivated beyond belief), desire them in their learning portfolio. So that is my first suggestion.

Second suggestion and maybe I am missing it, but is their a way to share Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, etc within the community? I’ve not seen anywhere that I can share, so is something in the development state?

I had some other things rocketing off the brain pad at 2:30, but didn’t get out of bed to write them down. So hopefully I can have a “total recall”.


As you probably already know, I am a huge fan of badges and I think that offering student badges would be a great idea that we can definitely consider!

You should just be able to just paste the link for the Google resource you are looking to share (within a post). Does this meet your needs or were you looking for something else? :slight_smile:


Student badges would be an amazing way to engage learners in creating a portfolio and reflecting on their strengths. Wouldn’t it be great as a teacher to have a digital badge program with students too! Students upload proof of tasks to a LMS and then receive badges in the form of images or on some other platform!


Great idea, @csegall!


I’d love to have easy access to recently used formatives. Oftentimes I might be assessing 3 different classes in the same week and my formatives are buried in different directory trees. It is sometimes time-consuming to navigate between them. I’d love to have a list of maybe the 5 most recently accessed formatives that I can quickly swap back and forth between by simply clicking their titles.


This is a great idea. While the current Date filter orders formatives from top to bottom by most recently opened, it doesn’t account for formatives within folders (when you are on the main dashboard). I think that having another way of accessing the most recent formatives (regardless of what folder they are in), would be great. Thanks for the feedback Tim. We record every piece!


Hello! Me again:-) It‘ s so long on my wishlist: Pleas make it possible to copy single questions! I know that i can duplicate the whole formative/document within all questions, but i want it like in google forms:-) please:-)image


Thanks for the feedback, Florian! We recorded your feedback and can definitely consider this for the near future. If we develop this one, we’ll definitely announce it to let you know!


I use Edulastic if I want to put TEI questions into an assessment. I like the features of GoFormative for quick feedback and ease of use! However, I haven’t figured out a way to put interactive questions into the Formatives!


Can you tell us more about what kinds of interactive questions you’d like to see? :slight_smile:


These are the types of questions I plug in to assessments on Edulstic. I love that flexability, but I there is so much I like about Formative better! I can do passaged based questions, and such, and the show work lets me do matching type question, but I’d love the drag and drop, resequencing, and sorting features.


I wish I could put more than one heart on this wish list. I’ve wished for all of these myself! Thanks Michael!


We currently have an advanced Re-sequencing Question Type and Categorize Question Type! Does the latter of which serve your need in terms of a Drag & Drop question? Also, thanks for sharing this graphic! It’d be great to hear which other ones you’d most like to see!


I just looked at those while I made a formative for a science unit. They aren’t quite the same as a drag and drop that I’ve previously used. In those, I could drag labels on a picture I inserted.

I added the categorizing question type to my Formative. I didn’t see any options, like hiding the choice once made. This would be helpful for younger students.

The resequencing one is perfiect!



Oh gotcha! We can definitely consider adding a new question type like this!

This is a great idea :slight_smile: By the way, if you have premium, you can also add images as answer choices!

Good to hear!


I do have premium! It seemed like the better option, especially if I wanted to import reading passages! :slight_smile:


Another wish came true: :clap:

Now the worksheets really are interactive. Happy uploading! :slight_smile:


I love to show my students’ work so others can analyze it incognito style. I wish the work, when clicked on, would pop up larger in the middle of the screen and not smaller on the edge. Is there a way to do this that I am clueless to?


I use the zoom in feature. I click on the question number in my student responses. It’s a vertical slider bar in the upper right hand corner of that page.

Normal View: (focus on the first graph of the student responses)

Zoomed in to biggest icon on the slider: It spans all the way across my window

Scrolled down to the student work (that first graph):

Hope this helps!


I wish there a way to control the size of a whiteboard. I use the whiteboard to make color-coded step by step instructions for solving math problems. However, sometimes I don’t need the entire white board, and I wish I could at least chop off a bottom section of the board for student viewing purposes.