Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Here is the link to the podcast. It’s episode 45:


I love this thread!!

My improvement ideas are honestly about returning essential “show your work” features from the previous version of GoFormative.

  • Rotation of Text
  • Edit Selected Text (size, color, etc.)

The old system allowed quick rotation of text and easy resizing of text, too. This allowed me to do daily practice and assessments using this website with sentence diagramming (which is a lost art form and powerful visual tool for teaching mechanics!). I’ve gone from using GF almost daily to barely a few times a month due to the loss of functionality along these lines.

A year ago, I was giving presentations about GF to my school and to our entire network of schools, and I currently cannot recommend the site given the loss of “show your work” functionality which was essential for a variety of high school tasks.


@jude.hollins Thanks for the detailed feedback Jude! We can definitely consider bringing back these two items!


I would love to be able to sort students by scores on individual questions. For example, when you click on a question number to see all students responses, I would like to be able to sort so all of the students with incorrect responses are grouped together, all of the ungraded responses are grouped together, all of the correct answers are grouped together, etc. It would make it much easier to look back over work to see if corrections were made to incorrect responses, or to grade the ones that just responded without having to scroll through and pick out the ones that I am looking for.


I had no idea that it did this! Thanks for sharing! :smile:


Thanks for feedback Erica! I noted it!


What I wanted to do was to be able to upload an audio from my publisher, and I knew I could embed it. I found a way to do it:

I just need to type the website address on

and copy and paste the iframe that it generates. It looks like that might work.


I’m sorry. I’m not trying to irritate anybody, but the ideas keep on coming. There are other things that I would like to add:

  1. When we upload a document to convert it into an interactive formative (which is my favorite feature as it has saved my fellow teachers and I so much time), I would like to be able to copy a question within the questions as opposed to the entire document being copied. Sometimes there are questions where I just want to change the answer or just modify the question, and that would save so much time for it would not be necessary to type the entire question or all of the answers again.

  2. It would be great to have the title of the formative appear in the “Assign/Share” and “Responses” windows in addition to the “edit” window. Sometimes I forget on which Formative I’m working, or I’m not sure if I am looking at the right one, so I have to keep clicking back to the “Edit” screen. I know it’s just a matter of convenience, but I think it would be helpful.

  3. I mentioned this in a separate discussion: When providing immediate feedback during a live formative, it would be great to have our comments pop up on the students’ screen so that they do not miss the comment, and they be able to reply if they wanted to. It would be like creating a mini-chat; that way, if the teacher is away, or even in the classroom and just monitoring everybody’s work, he/she can tell the students what they are doing wrong and tell them how to fix it or what they need to remember.

  4. I, too, would like to be able to schedule a formative so that, when I am going to be absent, I can tell GoFormative when to post the formative, that way, students will not have access to the formative ahead of time, complete it before they come to class, and not have anything to do in class but to disrupt others.

  5. And, I know others have said it before, I too would like to be able to print out the formative, and have the option of printing an answer key or not.

Hope these make sense. If you want me to stop, please let me know :slight_smile: I just love GoFormative, and there are just little things here and there that would make it perfect.

Thank you.


Thanks for continuing to give us feedback Veronica! There’s no need to apologize whatsoever as this thread is meant for sharing improvement ideas. We have and will continue to implement features bearing in mind what teachers are saying :slight_smile:

Could you possibly provide a screenshot/mock-up of what this would look like. I am having trouble picturing it.

You can actually see the name of the formative on the browser tab (from any page within a formative). Shout-out to @Certified_Educators for suggesting and voting on this one! Would it still be helpful to see the name of the formative in the “Assign/Share” and “View Responses” pages?

I love your other ideas as well and they are definitely things we are considering!

Using Formative when you have a substitute teacher

@cshattuck @pnovak @barbara.padget @Veronica_Bass

If you have Formative premium, you can now print a formative! You can start a free trial here.



Is there a way that you could create a document that could show the picture and description next to each other with another picture and description. This would be helpful when teaching students of the example and non-example. I’ve made a differentiation formative for Spanish exploration for teaching Texas History. With the formative, I have to give an example and then the non example below. See the attached examples. This would really help in SPED classes and for us Texas teachers which have to create lessons using this type of format. Here is an example of the Texas STAAR ALT-2 of why it would be great to use GoFormative.

As for another idea: This comes straight from our student users. When I use a PDF or picture that requires them to zoom in. It would be great to either have a moving magnifier or zoom in capability. I imported this cartoon into the GoFormative that I made, but the students complained they could not read the comic strip. If a magnifier or zoom in capability were available to the student, they would be able to read the dialogue boxes better.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks


My current workaround for this is to add a link to the picture/pdf. I host most of my items in Google Drive. I try to do this for everything: first for consistency and also some of my students do work at home on their phones, this way they have the option of being able to enlarge as needed. I do miss the old pop-out feature, but the updated html links that you can add are just about as good. It would be nice though to be able to add captions to images/embedded objects as well as html links to the item.


Yes, thank you for your suggestion. I will your idea. I link them with all my Google developed lessons, but hope GoFormative will consider the proposal. Thank you again for your thoughts.


I would love the option to create folders for my students. I personally organize all of my formatives in folders by unit and then have subfolders in each of those to help keep me organized, but I would like the option to maybe add these folders to my classes.


Hey Peter! Thanks again for joining our orientation yesterday :slight_smile: It’s great to see you already getting comfortable with the community!

Just to clarify, are you wanting to put two images with captions, side by side? I thought that’s what you meant but then your examples show the images above/below each other. We can definitely consider this! On a related note, if you have yet to check out our new, advanced Categorize question type, I think it could be a great way to assess students on examples/non-examples. You could give them different images to sort into two categories (“Examples” and “Non-examples” respectively!

We can definitely consider ways to allow students to enlarge the images that you upload. Just in case you didn’t see, there is a small “Zoom In” button that students can use to enlarge whatever you upload. I’m not sure if this is sufficient for you though:


This is a great workaround :slight_smile:

I don’t remember this! Can you describe it a bit more? Maybe we could consider bring it back!

You can create a text block and put it directly above anything else you create (to make a caption). Does that work well for you? When you say html links to the item, do you mean being able to make an image clickable so it takes you to another webpage?


@pflynn When I want to show examples/non-examples together I typically create a table in Google Docs and then take a screenshot of the table. Then upload the image into Formative.


Great idea! When i built the SPED example…I was trying to build a GoFormative that would meet their needs. I will be refining much of my material this summer. We are in the second year of phase in for 1-on-1 in our district. This summer I will be focusing on the more concrete efforts in the differentiation of material. Our kids were really great at giving me feedback on what worked for them and what did not. Thank you again for your help.


Hi David,

That was my example of what I built the first time when I started using GoFormative. What you suggested of using two side by side examples with caption is really what I desire. I know that it will be a development goal, so I will keep checking over the summer break.

Thanks for the “Zoom In”. I will pass this on to my students, they will be very happy to use it.


Thanks for the feedback Rebecca! I can see this being very helpful for helping students stay organized. Would you also want the option for students to organize their own folders as well?