Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Hey Michael! Could you share your Informatik stuff with me? Google drive:

Do you also have gofos for Informatik? I’m also interested in “Wirtschaftskunde” Do you have gofos for that subject?


Currently you can filter formatives by class by clicking on the tabs! Was there something you’d like in addition to this?


did’nt know that… That’s cool!!! Thank you!!


Another wish for the wishlist: I want to combine different formatives! Like in quizlet, where it’s possible to re-use different learningsets:-) That would be greaaaaaaat!


Yes to the printing. Please allow printing!!


Yes, I was aware that students could filter by their classes, but I would like a sub-folder, I guess you’d call it, where they could see their Open assignments and Closed Assignments separately. Maybe they’d need a subfolders that say “Open Assignments” and “Archived/Closed Assignments”.

I hope this makes sense.


When students have not started a question but they have the Formative up there is no way for the teacher to leave a comment in order for students to see it. It would be nice to be able to comment on the missed questions or something like that.


@William_Madueno If not answered all the question, there will be a warning before stundents hand in their Formative:

@david please change to color red from the submit button to the one that says: “cancel” because it is more likely to click on the colored button instead of the grey one. And in this situation it is better to click Cancel instead of Submit. Or if clicking on submit button there could be another question saying, are you really sure to hand in because you have unanswered questions (in this case yes should stand on the right side of the no button which is on the left).


@cshattuck sorry, I was directly replying to @florianmaechler since he didn’t know about that existing option. I have noted you want sub-folders and would also be curious to see if others would like to primarily control the organization of them or leave it up to students :slight_smile:


@William_Madueno Great idea! I could see this being useful for providing students with feedback that applies to multiple questions or as you point out, for missed questions. We record every piece of feedback we get! If you are curious about learning more about that, here’s a post I wrote:

@michael.lutz thanks for offering the helpful advice to William! Regarding the color, the logic behind the “Submit” button being red is that it’s to warn students against submitting since they haven’t answered all the questions. I definitely hear what you are saying about the colored button getting more clicks. We really appreciate your perspective and will consider all the feedback we get on this :slight_smile:


unassign vs. close:

Dear @mike, @david and developers of Formative, please rethink the concept about closing or unassigning a Formative:

I assign a test to a class. Everybody is there except student X. After the test lesson I am going to click on close so that student X is (should!) not able to access the test in advance. Then two days later, student X is healthy again. At a time I decide I click on “open” and student X is able to access the test.

open door = door is open; closed door = door is closed! :wink:

The concept at the moment leads to confusion and might enable students to have a sneak peak of a test in advance.

If I have to unassign all the tests, I’ll get a mess in the overview within three years because all the recent answers from former students are in the overview “All”.

I am convinced that my approach would help simplify procedures.


Thanks for bringing up the need to clarify the assign process and what happens on the student end. Currently, if you click on “un-assign”, it makes it so that students are unable to access the formatives from anywhere (from their dashboard, the link, or quick code). You can then re-assign it when you want your students to see the formative again. Does this match what you are looking for in terms of having an opened door and close door respectively? We are definitely working on the wording of things (Ex: “Closed” being confusing) and really appreciate your feedback.

If you are looking to post a link to Google classroom while still having that same control, you can follow the strategy outlined here:


@david I’d rather prefer to click on close, knowing the Formative is not accessible (less clicks compared to un-assign: click the Formative -> click on assign -> select one class -> click un-assign, then choose my second class … and my third class)


Gotcha! We can definitely work on making it easier to remove access to the formative entirely!


I second the need for typing math characters in answers. Also, is there a way for students to type math character responses?

One more big wish: have an “explain” option to add to multiple choice/multi-select questions, so students have a place (within the same question) to write about their thinking. (I know I can work around this by adding another questions, but the fewer instructions my students have to read, the better responses I get).


1.) a highlighter or pen option for students to highlight, underline, or note important information
2.) a place on each question for students to send the teacher a question about a specific problem - for example, if they keep getting the math problem incorrect I would love for them to be able to comment or ask a question right there instead of possibly forgetting about it before they see me next


Currently there is no specific math character options but we are definitely considering this along with being able to include math characters in the answer key. Also, the “explain” option is a good idea and we really appreciate you sharing the reasoning behind this. Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece!


Where would you like your students to use the highlighter or pen option (ex: when reading questions)?
Thanks for the feedback!


I really love the icon (exclamation mark) that indicates that my students did a copy paste in a Formative:


I agree! It’s useful on a number of levels which again mirrors the versatility of this awesome platform! It not only can ascertain whether a learner has cheated but also that they have followed instructions.

The latter is an important variable in English (and a plethora of other subjects too, I imagine) where learners fail to comprehend the question. In literature exams, we often ask them to ‘support their answer with reference to the text’ and this Formative update will enable the teachers to affirm whether the class have read that question correctly. I know @Lisa_Scumpieru will love this for that reason too!

This update has significant pedagogic value like all the others we have seen. Many thanks indeed, @admin1 !