Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


What a great idea @kterrigno! I‘d even prefer to move the mouse over the answer boxes in order to select or deselect them. :grinning:


I’d also like to say thanks for the slightly lighter gray color for blank responses, but it’s very hard for me to see the difference between the light gray of “no response” and the medium gray of “ungraded.” I know part of it is just my vision, but I do think there could be a clearer difference–maybe an X?


I’d also like to see the return of the ‘add another correct answer while I’m grading’ feature that used to be in the old Formative. Many times in math, it’s a formatting issue, not a mathematical one. I used to be able to add another correct answer from the grading page itself. Currently, I have to click on edit, then scroll to find the problem that needed updating, update it, then go back to grading to see if I entered it properly so that it scores as correct.


Great idea!! If there was a way to use CTRL+ or SHIFT+ and click, similar to selecting a block of data in Word or Excel, that would be a time-saver.


I would love that one, too! In addition should the “correct answers” be always on top. I have a lot of students. So I find myself scrolling up and down because I keep forgetting the possible answers :smile:


Yes!!! This would make grading MUCH easier.


Adding my vote to this thread :slight_smile:


You guys are on fire! :fire: Love the ideas and feedback! It’s amazing how little things can make all the difference.

We won’t be doing a feature vote this week as Craig is on vacation, but these are great discussions for us to have next week. Keep them coming!


I also AGREE! Adding another correct answer is important especially for our math program which encourages and entertains students to have different answers.


Love this idea for seat work so that either I or other students can interact and help. As long is I can turn the feature off when I don’t want collaboration it would be helpful.


Please, please, for us High School math teachers, please allow some sort of symbolic equivalence.

So that if my students type A + B, and the correct answer is B + A, goformative can still interpret A + B or (A + B) or 1A + B as correct. Same with spaces, why is A+B graded differently from A + B?

I cannot type every possible mathematically equivalent correct answer especially with spaces.

Clicking the “accept partial answers” doesn’t work for this. This is super discouraging for my students who got the correct answer but didn’t type it exactly as I typed it. And it’s becoming a real waste of time because students don’t know if they got the answer wrong OR just typed it differently

(I don’t want this all the time, but I definitely need the option.)

I literally had to give up on a quiz after 40 minutes because of this last week. Paper and Pencil was easier and took less time!


to help my students with this issue I do not grade them right away until they all submit. Then I go over the students work and grade them. so that they are not discouraged.

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Blockquote I agree! That works in multiple subjects

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I have seen that there is the option to randomize multiple-choice questions. Is this option already available for the ‘Short Answer’ questions? And does the option exist to get the questions one-by-one, instead of all at once. This will greatly improve the already amazing program. I teach German in the Netherlands and to test the knowledge of my students I need the ‘short answer’ questions to see if the spelling is correct. I already love it, that it is possible for the proramm to check for capital letters. Thank you!


I would like the ability to copy an entire question from one formative to another - sort of the the clone a formative feature. OR the ability to merge formatives.

I often create quizzes or reviews for students in smaller chunks then test them using some questions from the multiple review formatives. It would be nice to merge all the quetions form the review formatives into the test formative and then delete the questions, I don’t want OR clone/copy questions from various formatives to a new one.

Thanks for all you do to make this program so useful for both teachers and students!


I agree. Our current unit is difficult enough… I keep reminding students that they may be mathematically correct, but the format may be wrong…or doesn’t match my answer key exactly. The 'flag; feature could be used to signal the teacher to check for ‘formatting issues’ as well.

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I thing the solution to this is to make the new feature to “select” the students who responded while viewing in the “singular question” mode go a bit further to “select all students with the identical answer” IF that could be created, I would find everyone who typed B+A and then give them all the credit at once. My key says A+B, so they already got the point. However, those who said B/A do not get selected, so they don’t get the point.


This would be so helpful for data collection! For students who are failing, have progress monitoring, etc. It would help see progress made too :smiley:

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I’m not sure if its been posed as a question type before but what about some kind of hot button question. Like I upload an image and ask them to select “this part” if they clicked in the area selected it would be right, otherwise wrong. While I like the option to make them label the whole thing, it would be a time save if they could just click the part I asked for. Maybe someone else has a suggestion for this?

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That sounds great! I can see it being used to identify parts of speech, match vocabulary within a diagram or math equation, etc. It would parallel the ‘circle the right answer’ types of questions we can do in Show Your Work, but could be auto-graded. I’m sure it would be difficult to ‘outline’ the area that would count as ‘correct’, but perhaps an invisible ‘grid’ could overlay an image and teachers could select all boxes that would count as ‘correct’. A variety of grid sizes would also be helpful, maybe something like a 4x4, a 10x10, or a 20x20 options so that teachers could choose which grid works best for their particular ‘correct’ section.