Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


What a great idea @kterrigno! I‘d even prefer to move the mouse over the answer boxes in order to select or deselect them. :grinning:


I’d also like to say thanks for the slightly lighter gray color for blank responses, but it’s very hard for me to see the difference between the light gray of “no response” and the medium gray of “ungraded.” I know part of it is just my vision, but I do think there could be a clearer difference–maybe an X?


I’d also like to see the return of the ‘add another correct answer while I’m grading’ feature that used to be in the old Formative. Many times in math, it’s a formatting issue, not a mathematical one. I used to be able to add another correct answer from the grading page itself. Currently, I have to click on edit, then scroll to find the problem that needed updating, update it, then go back to grading to see if I entered it properly so that it scores as correct.


Great idea!! If there was a way to use CTRL+ or SHIFT+ and click, similar to selecting a block of data in Word or Excel, that would be a time-saver.


I would love that one, too! In addition should the “correct answers” be always on top. I have a lot of students. So I find myself scrolling up and down because I keep forgetting the possible answers :smile:


Yes!!! This would make grading MUCH easier.


Adding my vote to this thread :slight_smile:


You guys are on fire! :fire: Love the ideas and feedback! It’s amazing how little things can make all the difference.

We won’t be doing a feature vote this week as Craig is on vacation, but these are great discussions for us to have next week. Keep them coming!


I also AGREE! Adding another correct answer is important especially for our math program which encourages and entertains students to have different answers.


Love this idea for seat work so that either I or other students can interact and help. As long is I can turn the feature off when I don’t want collaboration it would be helpful.