Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list

I am not sure if it is been mentioned before but it would be great to have the option of correcting a student short response directly in their response and it would show and give the student the feedback. Basically the same way we are able to “comment” and “suggest” in Google docs but directly on Goformative.

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Exactly, all of these are so amazing and wonderful features!

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I wonder if those can be added in the formatting bar when you highlight? Maybe the accent marks can be added so they can appear on ANY letter.

Yes! If there was a way to have that and even a way to highlight Show Your Work areas to indicate where a student should focus for corrections, that would be awesome, too!

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Maybe even just a way to ‘collapse’ a question would be nice. I think that would allow me to reorder questions with less frustration of ‘overshooting’ the targeted spot.

It would be nice if there were a way to order what my students see on their screen. (Maybe there is, but I can’t find it!) For instance, when they log in to their formatives, sometimes the one they need is at the top, sometimes it’s at the bottom, sometimes in the middle. I like to keep all formatives “assigned” until grades are finalized so they have a record of their work. This means that they are sometimes scrolling through 50 formatives just to find the one they need for today.
Thanks for giving us an opportunity to submit suggestions!

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With the likelihood of asynchronous virtual instruction happening soon, I would love the option to have a discussion board or class commons - kind of like what we’re doing here! Possibly, students could submit their responses in the initial assigned formative, but there would be an option for me to send it to a class commons or bulletin board for others to view and/or respond to. This would also be a nice way to show “exemplary work” without having to print it out.

  1. I would like if “spaces” would not affect autograding. Unfortunately, sometimes students type an answer and they inherently type a space afterwards. Once the space is inserted (which is pretty much instantly with the speed of their typing), the answer is autograded as incorrect. This especially happens frequently when students are using the math keyboard. For example, they will using an exponent button and I have had kids put a space after the base prior to clicking in the box and typing in the exponent. They may have solved the problem correctly, however the “phantom space” causes it to be graded wrong.

  2. I’d like an angle symbol ∠ to be added to the math keyboard for a numerical question.

  3. I’d like to be able to send a message/comment to a student on a question even if they haven’t clicked in the answer box yet to signify that they started it. Especially with distance learning being a reality that may return, some students get stuck and don’t know where to start. If they don’t put their cursor in the answer box, then I can’t send them a hint for that question.

  4. I know this one has been mentioned before but better graphing abilities. I don’t want to measure my students on typing an equation into Desmos. I want them to actually graph on a coordinate plane (similar to what is used on state testing or on IXL).


Students can filter by Class. Then they can sort by Title (ABC), Date assigned or Date due (I think). Personally, I like to help them by placing a ##.# a the start of each assignment so they are in number order when they sort by title.

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Yes, yes yes, YES!! (Only sad I could place but ONE heart!)

  1. This used to be a problem in the Short Answer but has since been fixed. Fingers crossed this can be fixed for the Numeric response as well. I’ve started anticipating these spaces and adding those answer choices into my key before kids even start. Now, if they have a correct answer, with a spaced response, I just copy that response and add it to my key.

  2. The angle symbol is used SO often. For now, I type a forward slash and underline it.

  3. Yes!! Sometimes that message is ‘Please do this problem!’ Other times, I like to give a hint as to how to get started, but I can only do that if their answer is ‘blank’ (clicked in the box, but no response recorded)

  4. While we may not have auto-grading for Show Your Work problems, a graphing utility like that in IXL would be awesome since it auto grades and would save a TON of time on grading plotting points and linear equations.


These improvement ideas are incredibly amazing. How about adding Immersive Reader to Formative?

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It would be nice to have better explanations or changed titles for how you are as a teacher are deciding the return and return scores option. As someone new, it was difficult to decide which is which. It would also be nice to add a student within an already closed or shared assignment so that you are not having to duplicate the assignment again and have multiples of the same assignment.

Since distant learning will become a real thing in the future, I woikd like to see a way students could collaborate through GoFormative

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Hi Jessica,
You may have already seen this post, but in case you have not : Embedding a document to use as a discussion board- it works and is really cool :)

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@Jessica_Smart that was a great Q. I am going to use a live doc as a Q&A for each assignment. This way students can communicate and help each other too.

I would love to see a format bar for the Text Feature in Show Your Work. This would enable students to change the font, color, size, etc. In addition I would like Ss to be able to change the transparency of the Scribble Feature or add different pen tips (highlighter as one). Kami is an app that allows students to annotate. I think incorporating some of these tools will greatly improve Goformative. I have added a video that shows this as well.


I agree that being able to annotate more easily and with more options would be a greatly added benefit!

I think Formative needs to feature all of its accessibilty options. Especially for those learning at home. Having a read aloud option for quesiotns and answers, or immersive reader. Beign able to customise the background color, which may be available in premium, would help.

You can do this. :slight_smile: Just temporarily open the assignment, then ‘select’ ONLY the student you want to assign it to. It will be closed for the other students. :slight_smile:

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There used to be more options for teachers to edit text colors, fonts, etc in the ‘old’ version of formative. I’ve been hoping they can bring it back for the current version.

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