Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


PS The response time from your team is stellar. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Ah, gotcha. We’ll can consider custom tagging

Weird. It’d be great if you could message us over the site or privately message me if you see this again.

Would that check mark on the Single Question View indicate if the student has submitted the formative or just that particular question that you are looking at?


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A checkmark if they’ve submitted, so I know they’re no longer editing and not going to come back to it for the moment.


I have the same issue. I co-teach an ELA class and just started to use this website. This feature would be great appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback, Trina! This is something we are strongly considering and your support helps!


I have two items. One is the ability for students to respond back to feedback. There are times I will ask questions or ask for clarification in my feedback. It would be nice if students could respond directly back.

I noticed that I am not able to send the same feedback to multiple students anymore. This was nice to have since some students make the same mistakes.


I love the green check. I noticed yesterday it seems to be popping off and on, so I wasn’t sure if the formative was submitted or not. Is there circumstances that would remove the check?


Sorry Crystal. There is circumstance the checkmark should be removed once a student has submitted the formative. We had to temporarily remove the checkmarks as we updated the View Responses page, but have now added them back :slight_smile:

We’ve added this back too!


This is a great idea that we’ve definitely thought about in the past :slight_smile: We can definitely consider it!


We use this site often, especially for daily bell ringers/starters at the beginning of class. I set a timer and when it goes off they submit what they’ve completed. Before the updates, when a student submitted I would see their score out of the questions they completed (for example, if they completed 4 of 5 questions and didn’t miss any, they earned a 4/4) but now it’s how many right out of the total. We actually take grades off these so I have to mentally calculate the amount right out of amount attempted now for 110+ kids a day. Could this be a feature that is a toggle on/off? Meaning, a button to alternate for these - the correct # out of the total AND correct # out of attempted. Our whole math team would thank you! :slight_smile:


I can definitely see the benefit of having the option of switching between the correct # out of the total AND correct # out of attempted! Thanks for the feedback, Lesli!


I would like to have the student’s be able to use the highlighter in the Show your Work question type.


I like that idea a lot, @janet.christenson. Students could highlight some key phrases from a text or specific grammatical structures, e.g. modal verbs.


@janet.christenson @michael.lutz Thanks for the feedback! We’ve definitely been considering add an option for students to highlight text. We appreciate the feedback and record every piece!


@michael.lutz @janet.christenson

I have used the show your work feature for this. Since we do not encourage highlighters on standardized testing, I encourage boxes, circles, underlining, and notes since those can be done with a pencil. It takes a lot of extra work to make sure the text shows up correctly in the picture. It also chops up my text. It would be wonderful to have the ability to annotate text in a separate feature.


I’d love to hear more about this :slight_smile:

Do you have an example formative that I could take a look at? If we were to build a separate annotate question type, how would it be ideally different from the Show Your Work question type?


I would like the option to have short answer graded based on key words. For example, if I could indicate that a correct answer should have the words “distance and zero.” Today I asked for kids to define absolute value and every kid answered correctly but I had to manually change every score to correct because they didn’t have exactly what I had.


Yes! I would love this option as well!


That’s already possible, @Amanda_Hollis :slight_smile:

Allow partial match:

If students write a sentence and include “built” they will get the points.