Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


THIS IS A HUGE NEED for me as well. I have a lot of students who miss frequently and need to make up work later. It would be great to have a notification, but also to have some kind of alert next to their name in the class.


Thanks for sharing your support for assigning to specific students and specifying why it would be helpful for you!

I am not sure what this is in reference too. Can you clarify? :slight_smile:

Not currently. Even if you haven’t specified to return scores, correct answers, or allow edits, it still show up on the student end after they press submit. We need to make it so that the formative doesn’ts how up at all if the teacher hasn’t specified anything.

Thanks! I noticed that you’d like this as well :slight_smile:


I wonder if there is a way to be notified when students submit their assignment. I realize it might be a bit Irritating when students turn things in on-time, but it would be very helpful for late submissions.

If not a notification, how about a time/date stamp when students submit?


@yazelj Thanks for the feedback June! I am glad that you agree with @teacher.hine & @Veronica_Bass

This is actually available when you hover over student names

and also

When you export the formative!


I would LOVE to be able to select and grade multiple answers at the same time in the ‘show your work’ questions. For example, if I ask a student to write out their work for a problem, I currently have to click through and grade each student’s work individually. But sometimes just from glancing at the thumbnails, I can see that 90% of my students got it right… However, to get it scored, I still have to give points to each response.

I’d love to be able to either A) ‘select all’, so I could mark them all “correct” and then just go back and edit the incorrect ones, or B) be able to choose multiple responses at one time (check boxes or something similar) and then score all selected responses the same way.

I realize that one of the huge benefits of Formative is individualized feedback, and I do that often when students get answers wrong. But I’d love to be able to grade all of the correct answers more efficiently than clicking through each one individually.


Hi June @yazelj,

The timestamp is already there: Go to the tracker, choose Totals and then click or hop over the green icon:

Some Features I Would Like to See

This would really be great! I totally agree with you, @kterrigno.


It would be great if the multiple choice options could be randomized, to help prevent cheating. I would also love it if we could set up a window of time in advance for students to be able to complete an assignment. Then if we had a substitute we could set it up automatically beforehand or even assign the assignment as homework.


Great! I found the time stamp. That’s very helpful. Thank you.

I thought of one more thing I would like:

When we click on the responses for a GoFormative and we can see the totals, we are able to click on a specific student and a specific question to see what their response was, which is great. What I would like, in addition to that, is to also see the correct answer, especially when the students left the answer blank or answered incorrectly. That way I could compare the answers more easily than having to look back at the formative to see what the answer was. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you again.



We just added this feature :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed feedback Kristin! It’s always so helpful to hear why features are meaningful to teachers because it helps provide us with the context we need to consider them. Developing both multi-select options for scoring and feedback are definitely things we are strongly considering. Shout-out to @Certified_Educators for giving us great feedback on our latest designs for this!


Thanks for the feedback Shawna! We record every piece we get! Both the scrambling and scheduling features are things that we are considering! Thanks for sharing why it would be useful for you!


Wow! You guys are awesome! Thank you very much.


Hello. I am not sure if you heard this, but this morning GoFormative was mentioned in the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast: Episode 46. A science teacher was asking how she could insert comments to students and add an image (not a URL) to her comments. She teaches Organic Chemistry. Matt Miller said that he knows GoFormative is a great resource, but didn’t know if images and drawings could be added to comments. It would be great if this would be possible. I can see how this would be great to insert videos and other things that may help students with the answer without giving it to them. It is also great if only one or two students don’t get it. They aren’t singled out, but they still get the individual attention. The hashtag for the Google Teacher Tribe is #gttribe. Have a great day!


I think this would be really useful for differentiation.


@Lisa_Scumpieru Thanks for the heads up about the podcast! I checked out their website and don’t see that episode up just yet but will keep my eye on it. I think this is a great idea for further customizing and personalizing feedback. As you mentioned, it’s possible to hyperlink to another resource, but that isn’t quite the same as having a drawing/image/video right there for students to look at. I noted that both you and @mgarcia would appreciate this!


Here is the link to the podcast. It’s episode 45:


I love this thread!!

My improvement ideas are honestly about returning essential “show your work” features from the previous version of GoFormative.

  • Rotation of Text
  • Edit Selected Text (size, color, etc.)

The old system allowed quick rotation of text and easy resizing of text, too. This allowed me to do daily practice and assessments using this website with sentence diagramming (which is a lost art form and powerful visual tool for teaching mechanics!). I’ve gone from using GF almost daily to barely a few times a month due to the loss of functionality along these lines.

A year ago, I was giving presentations about GF to my school and to our entire network of schools, and I currently cannot recommend the site given the loss of “show your work” functionality which was essential for a variety of high school tasks.


@jude.hollins Thanks for the detailed feedback Jude! We can definitely consider bringing back these two items!


I would love to be able to sort students by scores on individual questions. For example, when you click on a question number to see all students responses, I would like to be able to sort so all of the students with incorrect responses are grouped together, all of the ungraded responses are grouped together, all of the correct answers are grouped together, etc. It would make it much easier to look back over work to see if corrections were made to incorrect responses, or to grade the ones that just responded without having to scroll through and pick out the ones that I am looking for.