Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list

I really would like for the correct answer to appear in the window where we can enter grades manually so that I can compare the students’ answers to the correct answer(s) - perhaps below the student’s response. I know we can see the correct answer when we look at the answers globally, but I would like to be able to see it individually, as well. A plus would be to have an obvious visual clue as to whether the students answered correctly or not. I know we can see it on the scale next to the score, but maybe we could have the background of that small window be the color of the score (i.e, red, green, yellow, or orange). I really hope at least to see the correct answer. Thank you. image


I agree that this would be incredibly helpful. I often find myself going back and forth between edit and answers just to “double check” why something is marked incorrectly. This would also really help to help me make the decision whether to allow partial credit.


Here is another need that the Spanish teachers at my school and I have.I know that for some kind of problems (e.g., multiple options), we can choose to give the students partial credit. Could we possibly do the same for Short Answer questions, as well? In order for Short Answer questions to be considered correct, the students have to have the exact answer that we typed. However, sometimes they might miss and accent or misspell a word. If the students could get half credit (or even allow us to choose how much credit to give) if they have an error or two, it would be more fair for the students, and we would avoid having complaints from parents (like a fellow teacher did) claiming that their students knew the material but that GoFormative made them get a low score. So, please, please: Could we get that wish/need granted? Thank you.


Hi @Veronica_Bass! You’re right that students have to have the exact word / phrase that’s in the answer key (including word order, spelling, and punctuation). However, if you’re a Premium user and Partial Match is enabled, students’ responses can include additional words before/after the answer key and still be marked as correct. My tip for Partial Match is therefore to put individual key words or the most succinct phrase possible into the answer key. (Another option is to turn off Partial Match and use our Add to Answer Key feature.)

I love the idea of getting half credit if they only misspell a word (or miss a punctuation mark or similar). We’re always trying to make our auto-grading smarter!

If parents comment on the grading, you might want to only return scores after you’ve taken a look at the formative and adjusted the grading (if necessary). You can set scores to return “Never,” then when you’ve checked all the grading, you can update the assign settings to set scores to return “After student submits.” The scores will then appear on the student dashboard.

In Classroom you can set things up that way with categories, but you have do all of the set up work, once the categories are set you can set them to post to the specific category.

I have taken a screenshot of the passage and uploaded it into a Show Your Work problem. Then students box, underline, etc. It’s not exactly the same, but it might help.

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It would also be helpful for math. If I could set up possible answer choices as ‘correct’ (full credit) and then those I know I would score with ‘partial credit’ because I know the error they made, it would be awesome… couple that with auto feedback for that error and it would be PERFECT for math. :slight_smile:

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I think a really helpful addition would be a way to work on the teacher preview and have it show up live to another computer, sort of like showing up on a google doc. I have a separate computer for the projector from the one I typically work and I hate to be tied to a single location while working with the whole class.

Good idea. Right now it’s tethered to the right edge of the screen. If it was able to ‘float’ anywhere on the screen, then we could move it around when grading or even display it on an extended desktop. :slight_smile:

Can there be a way to format numerical answers.

In excel you can say the box is of $—,---,— and it will put in the dollar sign and commas for you when you just type in numbers.

Wow that’s good an idea

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I totally agree about auto feedback. That would be so helpful at times. For example, I gave a Formative on Pythagorean Theorem today. It would’ve been helpful (especially with distant learning going on right now) to be able to have auto feedback for incorrect answers if they had solve the problem by using the formula incorrectly. It can help some kids figure out their mistakes in case I don’t happen to be on the dashboard the same time they are working.

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Hi Christine, I like your commend. I think “auto feedback” is very important when you are teaching a large class. Also, students like to received some comments about their work.
“Auto feedback” would be a great idea!


Yes. Completely agree on all of those. I faced these issues!


It’s not the same but I found TWO WAYS to speed up the grading process during my virtual learning days… along with one I already use.

(1) click on the individual problem numbers at the top instead of ‘total’… and then click on the ‘box’ in the upper right hand corner:

It will change the view by grouping all like answers…

I look for ‘blank’ (grey) and ‘red’ bars. When I click on the bar, it allows me to give feedback in the right hand panel for ALL the students with that same answer… AND…

(2) I added a ‘feedback’ line in my answer key… so if the student gets it wrong, I just open the key (at the top of the page), copy the message/hint… and then paste it in the comment for the group.

(*) Either way, once I give feedback, I give the students just enough points to change the color of the bubble to ‘orange’. It stands out to the students that I’ve given them some feedback on that problem AND it tells me they haven’t changed the answer yet so I skip over it when I’m grading. The nice part is that if I already have an ‘orange’ answer for that problem, I can toggle to it, copy that feedback, and then paste it into the ‘red’ bubble very quickly.


These are great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Brillant!!! Thank you for sharing! This saves so much time. :pray:


paste it in the comment for the group

Thanks for that!

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No problem! If you need any help, just let me know!

I would like to be able to track formatives within a unit. Ideally I’d like to be able to create a “label”, then tag the formatives. For example, all my formatives for our Waves unit would be labeled “Waves”.

And, I would like to be able to use the tracker function to pull just the formatives with that label and download the spreadsheet for formatives with just that label.