Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


I would like the ability to copy an entire question from one formative to another - sort of the the clone a formative feature. OR the ability to merge formatives.

I often create quizzes or reviews for students in smaller chunks then test them using some questions from the multiple review formatives. It would be nice to merge all the quetions form the review formatives into the test formative and then delete the questions, I don’t want OR clone/copy questions from various formatives to a new one.

Thanks for all you do to make this program so useful for both teachers and students!


I agree. Our current unit is difficult enough… I keep reminding students that they may be mathematically correct, but the format may be wrong…or doesn’t match my answer key exactly. The 'flag; feature could be used to signal the teacher to check for ‘formatting issues’ as well.

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I thing the solution to this is to make the new feature to “select” the students who responded while viewing in the “singular question” mode go a bit further to “select all students with the identical answer” IF that could be created, I would find everyone who typed B+A and then give them all the credit at once. My key says A+B, so they already got the point. However, those who said B/A do not get selected, so they don’t get the point.


This would be so helpful for data collection! For students who are failing, have progress monitoring, etc. It would help see progress made too :smiley:


I’m not sure if its been posed as a question type before but what about some kind of hot button question. Like I upload an image and ask them to select “this part” if they clicked in the area selected it would be right, otherwise wrong. While I like the option to make them label the whole thing, it would be a time save if they could just click the part I asked for. Maybe someone else has a suggestion for this?

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That sounds great! I can see it being used to identify parts of speech, match vocabulary within a diagram or math equation, etc. It would parallel the ‘circle the right answer’ types of questions we can do in Show Your Work, but could be auto-graded. I’m sure it would be difficult to ‘outline’ the area that would count as ‘correct’, but perhaps an invisible ‘grid’ could overlay an image and teachers could select all boxes that would count as ‘correct’. A variety of grid sizes would also be helpful, maybe something like a 4x4, a 10x10, or a 20x20 options so that teachers could choose which grid works best for their particular ‘correct’ section.


The best part of it!


Two things that would make a big difference to my uptake of Formative:

  1. The ability to put sentence frames/starters into short answer questions and explains to support EAL students (all my students).

  2. The ability to have the setup the graph to begin with preentered content by pasting an existing Desmos graph URL as you can in Desmos’ own activity builder. That would enable that feature to be extremely powerful.


I love this idea!! I would find it very helpful in my Algebra 1 classes.


Yes, yes and meny more yes!

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I couldn’t find if anyone already suggested adding comments in Multiple Choise questions by every answer choise like Khan Academy has. That is: the student chooses incorrect answer and the comment explains why it is incorrect, e.g. “This is the radius, not the diameter”.


Is there any possibility of getting Formative to send grades back to Google Classroom. I looked through the forum and did not see anything yet about this, but perhaps not using the correct search terms.


This would be AMAZING!! I recently went back to using some EdPuzzle videos and found that when I ‘post’ those videos to GC, the scores are placed in my GC grade book. I would LOVE for GoFo to do the same! It would save SOOOO much time.

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This is definitely something on our radar! We made Tracker data exportable a while back as a way to help teachers more easily enter that data into different systems but automatic grade passback would certainly be a gamechanger for those using Google Classroom, Clever and Learning Management Systems.

Would anyone like to join me on a call sometime and discuss the design for this, what you’d like to see and how you envision it functioning with Formative? The same offer applies to those with our partner schools using LTI integrations such as Canvas, etc.


I don’t know how this would work, but I know EdPuzzle auto grades and populates scores in my Google Classroom IF I ‘post in Google Classroom’ from EdPuzzle. Maybe there’s someone there who can assist you in the coding.

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I would like to see this as Formative syncing directly with Google Classroom. It could also be a switch where if off, wont post, but if on it will auto post.


Is it possible to set a max time per question (like in Kahoot). If no, is that a feature that may be availbale in near future?


This is a big need. Thanks for suggesting.

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Some things that I would like to see are:

  1. Timed formatives to give practice standardized tests. I know we can open and close them at certain times, but if there is a way to have them get 25 minutes from the time they open their formative.
  2. A spot to put a general feedback on questions. For example, the answer is A because… You might have picked B if you didn’t… etc. or a sample for “show your work” questions that need to be manually graded. Maybe even some video capability to explain how to do problems would be nice.
  3. The ability to see the answers we typed in to compare to students’ answers (especially for checking math that might be typed in differently from the answers, but still are correct.)
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Great ideas!

  1. Setting a time limit would be nice for Exit Tickets, learning checks, bell ringers too.
  2. I’ve wanted to give general feedback for awhile now. If I write a multiple choice problem, my answers are based on specific errors, so having auto-feedback generated for specific answers would be perfect! The same would be true for specific short answer responses as well.
  3. I usually make myself a key by using the student view, however, I wish that part would stay ‘frozen’ at the top of the page while I scroll down to grade other answers.