Improvement ideas for Formative - wish list


Dear community,

I attach some improvement ideas. I’m sure you have some of your own. Please share and post them here! Christmas is coming soon and there are some spaces left on the wish list :wink:




Wish list for future software enhancements
Recycle/ Copy (multiple choice) questions

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! All of those would be WONDERFUL! (Particularly the first 3, for me.)


One more topic… It would also be helpful to be able to assign a Formative only to specific students within a class. For example, I have some SpEd students who receive modified assignments. I would love to be able to assign a modified Formative to JUST those students without having to create a whole separate class for them, and to exclude their names from the assignment list when I’m assigning the regular Formative. Google Classroom allows me to do this, but if I assign it to the whole class in Formative, then all the students can see the modified work, which I don’t want, and, otherwise, I have to assign it to the SpEd students as guests to prevent that.


All of these are great.

One feature I would like to see would be a text reader for imported PDF files. For example, I import a Newelsa article into GF and my EL students might need to have it read back to them. This is done within a Google Doc through the Read and Write Add On. Is there some way to add a “read to me” feature in GF?


This is a great idea that we are strongly considering. As a temporary workaround, you can create a separate class and only have specific students join it. That way whenever you want to assign modified materials, you can solely assign it to that class!


Thanks @michael.lutz ! I recorded that you, @jenny.santiano & @dplatt want these things!


I could see how this could be useful and we can definitely consider this! Thanks David!


Hey Charis, can you clarify what you hadn’t though of? I’d love to make sure we get your feedbac on how can we can improve Formative!


I hadn’t thought of creating a separate class for those students who need modifications as the other educator mentioned above.


Oh gotcha! Thanks for clarifying!


I would love to seen an option for printing. My school is a 1:1 but if students are sent to ISS they are not allowed to have their Chromebook. Sometimes I need to print what I have on GoFormative for them to work on. Also, I have had parents who do not have Internet access who want to see the assignment and their child’s responses.

My second suggestion would be to allow you to open/close assignments for individual students. Sometimes I need to be able to allow certain students to begin or complete a Formative while not allowing other students the ability to go back to complete work.


Oh! Another thing. I would like for my students to have separate tabs or folders on their end for Currently Assigned and Archived/Graded assignments. That way they can login to GoFormative and not have to scroll through the assessments - though I typically give them a link, I still think it would be a nice way for them to have their Formatives organized.


yes!!! Or Folders!!!


Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece! Would you like primarily students to create and organize their own folders or would you like to do this?


folders in order to classroom courses would be great:-)


To clarify, do you mean that you’d like folders on the student end to appear in a certain order? It sounds like you want them to be in order of “classroom courses”. Can you describe how this ordered (ex: alphabetically)?


I teach 5th graders and I’m not sure they’d really be able to organize their assignments on their own, so I’d say allow me to do it. Maybe some others will weigh in on this.


A wish list item…the ability to assign a Formative to be available as of a certain time of day. For instance, if I am assigning something to be worked on when I am absent, and I don’t want them working on it or seeing it prior to their class period, I have to be keeping an eye on the clock at home to open it shortly before their class period. It would be great to set “timers” for each section the night before and forget about them! Lol!


thanks Maria! I noted that you would like this :slight_smile: We’ve heard this from other community members as well!


The students see folders entering goformative , e.g. Classroom course math, english, etc…

In each folder are the goformatives which were posted in that classroom course…