IB Biology Formative Assessment Quizzes



I want to convert my quizzes that contain past paper questions into Formatives. Not sure how the longer responses will work? What do you think?


The Essay questions are designed for those problems you know will have more that 250 words. The Short Answer will work well for up to 250 words.

Question: Is the purpose of the quiz to assess the content or it the focus on how students structure their response and support/justify the content? If it’s content based I think this will work fine because you can scan the answers for key phrases and concepts. If it’s structure and support based, AND you intend to give lots of feedback (like my husband does for his APES class), I think I would have the students type their response in a Google Doc, copy and paste the link as the ‘answer’ in Formative, and share the Doc with you so that you can annotate and make comments just like you would on paper.

Note: Students can access websites outside of Formative during this quiz. Will that be a problem for you? Do you think students will cheat? Do you care if they look up information during the quiz?


I used formative for my midterms in Environmental Science. It was a mix of multiple choice and case studies.
To ensure they didn’t cheat I worked with my IT guy to control the WiFi access and I had them sitting so I could see their computer screens. If they use windows there is also a take a test feature that locks them into the website you provide.