How to Create Visually Appealing and Content-Rich Formatives!



On Friday, November 10, 2017 (10:30 a.m. EST), I will be leading a virtual learning session.
The topic will be How to Create Visually Appealing and Content-Rich Formatives. In this session, I will discuss how I create meaningful formatives that help guide student learning and enrich their overall learning experience.
If you are interested in tuning in, I will be broadcasting on Google Hangouts On Air and will share a Youtube link that you can use to watch the live feed! During the broadcast, you can submit comments and questions via the Youtube chat feature that I can respond to. Here is the link:
If you are unable to watch the broadcast live, I will make sure to post the recording in this topic for later viewing. You can reply directly to this topic to share your thoughts after you view it. I"m honored and excited to be presenting this to my formative family! Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

Update: Watch the full webinar below


Formative Educator Spotlight: Lisa Scumpieru!
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What are some ways that students can engage more actively in learning?
What are ways we can let students lead learning? What's something that you've tried recently or wanted to try?

Awesome! Your formatives look amazing and I can’t wait to learn tips & tricks from you :grinning:


I am so excited for this session @Lisa_Scumpieru!!


I am tagging all groups in this because I think that Lisa’ virtual learning session is a great #multi-disciplinary learning opportunity ! We hope you can tune in for the live webinar, but if not, you can watch it later in this topic!



Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday! In about 35 minutes I will be going live to present my insights on building formatives. If you want to join the live chat, here is the link:


Love what you did here. I will be sharing this for sure. Well thought out and put together presentation with easy to understand and meaningful examples.

Appsmashing With Formative!

@Lisa_Scumpieru Thanks for the virtual learning session! I cloned the Blind Formative on The Great Gatsby for a colleague of mine. I don’t teach the novel, but I thought she might be able to use it.


Hey Lisa,
We gave this session a shoutout on Twitter! You have so many incredible ideas to share! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much! I love to share. Let me know if you need anything else.


Thank you for sharing this. The way you design the formative assessment to scaffold learning and anticipate student struggle is very well crafted. I particularly love how you have used the questions stems to purposefully design the questions. I am curious about the ‘blind formative’ mentioned in the video. Could you tell me more about this? The purpose of the blind formative is to clarify students’ misconception. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Thanks for sharing!



First, thank you so much for the kind words. Yes, a blind formative could clarify misconceptions, but this may be an effect of taking the formative. A blind formative is information that the students have not seen, but you are trying to peak interest through the formative. You would do a blind formative to allow students to guess the answers to the best of the ability, then teach the concept or have them read the material, and then go back and redo or add a reflection to the formative at the end. The blind formative allows students to realize the aha moments or seeing the material before, but when they learn it after a brief exposure, they have something to connect it to and remember it better by. I hope this explanation helps. Have a great day.


Finally got to view your virtual session. Fantastic, as always. You and I really share a lot of the same ideas when we plan our lessons, which is super awesome because we are in totally different locations, teaching different levels, and I am pretty sure we are about 20 years difference in age! Plus I have learned so much from you. That’s what I love about this community. I look forward to presenting with you next week!


Thank you. I do think we have common ideas when planning as well. I am 47 years old, but would love to know what estimated age you had for me! Was I older or younger? :slight_smile:


I thought you were your late 20’s! Who is your new favorite person now!?:joy::rofl: So we are actually very close in age as I am 46.


Wow! My students always say I look like I’m 25, but I always think they are trying to get good grades! :slight_smile: Too cool. We both endured the 80’s and see it coming back in spurts now. :slight_smile:


@msashlylcot and @Lisa_Scumpieru: And I thought that when women reach 21, they always stay 21. At least that’s what I’m telling my students. By the way when starting teaching and my students wanted to know my age and I told them 25, they’re response was always: “Whaaaat, that old”. :grinning:


Yes, my aunt was 25 as long as I can remember! Too funny!


Thank you for sharing the ideas for a Formative. I’m only starting to explore Formatives.


@fichtlis. Thanks for sharing. I really like your scaffolding activity for poetry - I am totally going to use this!! I also like how the formatives are a starting point for conversation with students. I also teach Antigone and have used Formative to help 8th graders understand the plot and theme. It is a really nice wonderful tool. Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Glad I could help.