How to Create Visually Appealing and Content-Rich Formatives!


Thank you so much for your virtual learning session. I really enjoyed your explanation of how you implemented Blind Formatives. I loved your ideas of how you captured their interest by using the “Simon the Cat” video and how you developed questions #6 allowing them to express their own independent feedback. I really think it will help me adjust on the whole learning process and how I can improve learning experience. Your Blind Formative will give me another way to assess struggling student understanding and give me a snap shot of depth of understanding.

This made me rethink how I would like to introduce a particular historical event, period of time or individual. I had to re-watch your video, but your ideas made me excited. Now I want do a blind formative on Ben Franklin or John Adams (Adams is a really hard sell to my students). I do a short activity using the Hamilton Broadway play and do an Edpuzzle to draw connection to the American Revolution. Your Blind Formative gave me the idea to retool the activity and make it more of a Blind Formative on Hamilton. Again thank you and I hope you don’t mind, but I am planning to pass on your Google presentation to my English writing and reading teachers. I saved your video and will show it to our team PD meeting. Thanks again for this awesome tutorial.


Thank you @pflynn! I really appreciate your feedback. Blind Formatives are great because it truly engages the readers before they learn. You can do Blind anything - Blind Kahoots, Blind Quizizzes, etc. A Blind Formative is fun to set up and do as well. I would love to see what you come up with! It always gives me ideas too. Have a great rest of the week.


I absolutely love this idea as a way to build curiosity. Will be implementing “blind” assignments for my final units and hope to spend the summer creating more. Thanks for the awesomeness.


That was great! I teach Algebra 1 and I tend to have ‘blind’ bell ringers so we can discuss before I teach the lesson. It gives be a great anchor point and I refer back to it to show how what we did in the bell ringer is the same ‘process’ as what they are learning in math. (Similar to your comment about connotation and how kids realized they were already doing it.) Thanks for sharing!


Great job Lisa. Once again you are my goformative resource. I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much.


I just finished the first part " Where is All Began", and I absolutely loved the idea of students finding pictures that connect the stories, and I also felt it was important that you had them explain. I liked a formative earlier that utilized pictures as an option (it was a different way to test text comprehension), but this really asks more of the students- gets them thinking.


The Blind Formative you created really asked students to draw conclusions- use what they know- excellent. It also provided an engaging way to respond as well as create anticipation for the reading. I cannot wait to apply this idea to formatives I create, and i cannot wait to share it with my department and PLC.


Great webinar! I love the idea of blind formative and scaffolding. I will definitely use what I learned here in my own formatives. Thank you!


I love the way you put together the scaffolding pieces. I am not much for the cut and paste, but I can absolutely see where it fits in. I also see how much time and effort went into to the formatives you have put together. These are alI the directions that I would try to go in my formatives and in my class. I will absolutely will borrow ideas from you work to use in my own. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.


I really like the idea of a blind formative and then giving students the ability to go back and finish once they’ve read/worked through the material! Thanks for sharing your ideas and tools!


Thank you for sharing! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the content that you put into these formatives and using them to shift your classroom. I’m hoping to do some of that this year by incorporating some student-led activities through formative. Less of me, more of them.



Just watched this - AWESOME. Thank you for sharing it! Is there any way you could share the link to view the google slide presentation you used?

Thanks again!


Thank you so much.Here is the presentation. Have a great day.


Thank you so much for this! Being able to use “from scratch” formatives is something that I always forget I ca do; plus it leads to great thought and customization for each lesson over the years as opposed to the same cookie-cutter worksheets. Again, thank you!


@fichtlis I just found this and loved it! I shared it with several of my colleagues and I hope we can model some of your ideas in our future formatives. I like how you used scaffolding with poetry.


Awesome. I love scafolding! I would love to see what you come up with! :slight_smile:


Excelente webinar, muy interesante y me ayuda mucho para realizar mis clases.
Es muy significativo aprender herramientas que generen aprendizajes aleatorios.

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Thank you so much for the helpful tips and the lesson building ideas! I love the intention that goes into your lesson plans. I can see how they would be engaging for students!