How do you initially spark student interest in and commitment to reflection?



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On Monday we had a great #formativechat about an essential part of the learning process…learning reflection. We’d love to continue the conversation here! Here’s Q1!

Shout-out to our guest host Melissa Pilakowski and co-organizer @rdene915 :raised_hands:

Chat Opportunities!

I have students occasionally submit a participation self-assessment. On this, they have to self-evaluate how they’re doing, using a provided rubric. Then, there’s a short answer question, where they can tell me what’s going on in their life (in and out of school). They say more because they know I’m “listening.”


That’s awesome, Kary! That formative looks really nice! It’s great that you are using our platform to serve your communication with students.


I love that, I have to figure a way to do that in Social Studies, Guess it depends on what skill, topic, or activity. Would it have to be specific?


I find though I tell them and show them my reflections that it is a very hard sell to get studtents to reflect in contructive way about their own work.


I often ask students to give me thumbs up/down and ask several to share why.
Additionally, we have "take a stand " and “Discuss and Defend” days in my 10th grade ELA class. They wanted to be able to talk about relevant topics (for them) and its great prep for argumentation and persuasive writing.

They have an Emoji Day on Friday to reflect on that weeks topics. They like the emojis, but they also have to explain what they liked or didn’t like, why, and provide me with some additional topics they might like to discuss. IT’s not major, but they are getting used to providing feedback and are feeling more comfortable about being honest in their thoughts and ideas.
Emoji Friday


Awesome ideas!!! I especially love the discus and defend, and the take a stand!


I’m going to start really asking my kids to tell me about a mistake they made that day and what they learned from it. Mistakes are an important part of the process!


I love the idea of connecting emoji reflection with writing! This seems like a great way to get more students to participate upfront and then deepen their reflections.