How do you convince other educators that Formative is a great tool for them to use in their classrooms?


@Certified_Educators & @informed_members, @d.vendramin and @fichtlis have given us some great questions and everyone else has given some great ideas for our week long slow-chart about using Formative for this school year. Thank you to everyone that has participated this week.

Here is our last question for the week!


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Make a GoFormative formative for them and let them play! I think experiencing one always pulls them in. Also, showing them that what they do in a lesson through all the scaffolding can translate into the formative. Once they see the students delve into it, it’s sure to hook them. I know it hooked me in! :slight_smile:


I agree with @fichtlis . Show them how Formative can be a lesson in itself, there is already a library full of Formatives, but also show them how simple it can be. The turning a worksheet into a digital lesson is always a feature that reels them in right away!


Ask for 2 minutes of their time to show them how much time they’ll save and more importantly the learning opportunities for there students. I done this and opened a lot of minds and eyes to giving this amazing tool a try.


Agreed! I have loved seeing all the creative ways that teachers are using the embed feature to pull in external learning resources and make Formative the home base for a lesson!

I also had a great discussion with @loliveira a while back which inspired the development of our new subject-specific presentation slides and examples. He had a great point when he said that people want to see how Formative will work for their subject area. I am so happy to be working with our Certified Educators to make them. @loliveira , @msashlylcot & I are pretty far along with the ESL one and it’s coming together great!


Ashly can you please give me a quick explanation of how to turn a worksheet into a digital lesson? Doing a presentation on Wednesday and that seems to be a good way to hook the teachers.


Yes. Basically I tell them that they can take a traditional worksheet/pdf and use the enhance feature to transform it into a digital lesson.

Also, I have done several presentations (mostly webinars) on Formative, but I found most recent Part 1 and Part 2 versions to be the most successful. Feel free to borrow anything you think might be useful!


First of all, I talk about Formative all the time. :smile: Some are just curious and want to see what I’m doing.

People tend to gravitate to me since I’m a natural problem solver. They talk about how they want to be able to ______ in their classrooms… and I tell them how (and show them) Formative allows them to do that. One example it when an ESL teacher was wanting to put audio into her lessons so students could ‘hear’ the English and practice it. I helped her set up her Formative account and create her first assignments. She was SO excited.

I’ve started with showing teachers how to upload their WS and putting in questions so students can submit their answers and have it auto-grade. That’s usually the ‘hook’ they need. :slight_smile:


These are all great ideas. I truly believe that we as educators need to show other educators how this will help them engage their students more!


I have shared my use of Formative for several years with my coworkers. I have shown them how easy it is to create formative assessments for students, especially in math. I use it quite often to assess how well my students understand their daily math lesson. I use the online math Quick Check questions and just copy and paste into a quick Formative. That way I can reteach immediately if my students aren’t understanding. I think the best way to inform co-workers is to show them what I’ve done and share with them so they can see how easy and engaging it is to use.


The quickness of grading is really a draw in. I love to talk about how I can see the kids answers simultaneously and in real time. My kids love the immediate feedback. Formative has made it so easy to reteach BEFORE the leave my room for the day.


Get students excited by creating great formatives. Once the students are onboard it will become contagious!


I definitely wish more of my coworkers would share this type of information. I’m trying to learn how this could help me in my English classroom.


This is the best part! Major time saver!


Use it in professional development

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How do you convince other educations that formative is a great tool for them to use in their classroom?
I definitely think using in professional development is a helpful way to engage your staff. Often times, you get their undivided attention and they can see it used in action.

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I’ve found modeling to be quite effective in getting people ‘hooked.’


Many of our coworkers have great information to share. I wish they would be comfortable enough to share more often.


Getting your colleagues onboard would definitely be beneficial–you could collaborate, share formatives, show each other new ways you’ve learned to use Formative, etc.

Let me ask, are there ways we could better support you, here at Formative, in accomplishing this?