How do I earn first share on Level 1 of Certification?

I have shared 3 of my Formatives on a Topic, Twitter, and email.

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I am also struggling with acquiring several badges. By now I should have at least earned first share, frequent flyer, and the proficiency exam. Who can I contact about that?

I gave had the same issue. I shared my formative and ended up getting the badge in level 2 for sharing a formative. I can’t tell the difference.

Some things have changed since Formative first opened. I think this is one of them. I know some things are on auto-award and others have to be manually awarded. David used to work around the clock awarding badges before he took a different career path. @Jill_Nyahay can help explain how to get your level 1 certification. :slight_smile:

@Jill_Nyahay Yes, it would be great to have some clarity on this issue. I think quite a few badges are not functioning properly, particularly in terms of auto-awarding.