How do I earn first share on Level 1 of Certification?

I have shared 3 of my Formatives on a Topic, Twitter, and email.

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I am also struggling with acquiring several badges. By now I should have at least earned first share, frequent flyer, and the proficiency exam. Who can I contact about that?

I gave had the same issue. I shared my formative and ended up getting the badge in level 2 for sharing a formative. I can’t tell the difference.

Some things have changed since Formative first opened. I think this is one of them. I know some things are on auto-award and others have to be manually awarded. David used to work around the clock awarding badges before he took a different career path. @Jill_Nyahay can help explain how to get your level 1 certification. :slight_smile:

@Jill_Nyahay Yes, it would be great to have some clarity on this issue. I think quite a few badges are not functioning properly, particularly in terms of auto-awarding.

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I am interested in this as well.

Specifically, can lvl 2 badges be earned before all the lvl 1’s are accrued? If so, I too feel like I am missing some.

Hey all! We do have to award some badges manually. I do apologize if I missed anyone. Double-checking everything now.

The good news is that we’re updating the Certified Educator program and our badging system in general.

Thanks for your patience!


Yes, I am definitely missing my first share badge. If you could double check that it would be greatly appreciated.

@tterrill…did you get your badge yet?

No, I did not get the badge yet. I really don’t understand. To be honest, it’s actually discouraged me from even visiting the GoFormative Community Center, so I have not been active recently.

:frowning_face: When David was working… I swear the man was online ALL the time, updating things. I know that new staff has some big shoes to fill.

@Jill_Nyahay - any news yet on the progress of the badging system? I’m sure we have a LOT of new Formative users with the school closings and doing virtual work. I believe the sooner we can make this system ‘respond’, the better. I’m sure some of us ‘old’ Formative users will have some time on our hands over the next few weeks to help manage badges, brainstorm, etc. I am ‘on call’ this week, but I’ll be ‘free’ from Saturday through May 1 (the current ‘end’ to our closing.)