How could you use Formative to build relationships with your students?



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Hope everybody is off to a great school year. School started Tuesday where I’m from. I always look forward to meeting the new groups of young people I’m about to work with over the next few months. I spend the first few days of the semester investing in developing our classroom culture and building relationships. I feel there is greater buy in and more opportunities for success when healthy relationships are established. Formative has many tools to help one collect information that goes a long way in building relationships. Here’s a quick class emoji exit ticket I have used to promote student voice and see where students are at to help build the relationships in my class! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on this question.18%20PM

Chat Opportunities!

There are a lot of ways to build relationships with students via GoFormative. You can send them messages as they are working and it can become as private or public as you and the student wishes. Also, students feel like GoFormative is a safe haven for their work. There is no threat. It’s their academic playground.


I used mine to do an interest survey, ask them about their expectations of the class, gather any preconceived notions they may have and give them an opportunity to voice ideas / concerns. My problem is that I don’t know them all for a couple of weeks (I have 150+ students). So I have to revisit my formative 2-3 weeks in so that I can re-learn who has what interests etc.


Love the term ‘playground’ we learn a lot when we can ‘play’ in a safe environment. GoFormative definitely makes this type of environment possible.


Agreed. I was thinking of doing a selfie challenge inside of GoFormative to get that name and face connection too.


That’s great to hear! What do you think it is about Formative and/or how you are using it that makes this possible?


I think the GoFormative seems more user-friendly to the kids and makes it less test-like in a sterile program. By having all the options to personalize the GoFormative as a teacher, the GoFormative becomes an extension of the teacher’s way of teaching and lets students pace themselves without the threat of feeling lost.


I completely agree with

And let’s not forget the feedback which can become personalized notes as @fichtlis also mentions. I love to leave feedback mid-response that not only helps me guide an answer if needed, but also can be something like “I love where you are going with this statement, may I share your idea with the class?” You can see the student just light up, even when they respond no :slight_smile:


HAH! Great idea! Then you could hide the names and quiz yourself! :smile: It’d be like reverse instruction.