How Are You Using The Formative Tracker?



Yes, exactly like this. Erease and everything is gone :slight_smile:


What if you put a ‘final’ question (reflection, etc) and leave it un-scored. Tag only that question with the standard and then assign that one question the ‘points’ for the activity? It won’t skew the percentage on the original problems, but it will sow up in the tracker.


That is a great idea! You are absolutely brilliant :slight_smile:


Great idea here! I like how you hold the students accountable in having them send you a message in Google Classroom stating when they are in the green. Gives them that ownership with their learning and them proving to themselves they are becoming proficient in whatever skill that might be! Thanks @fichtlis!


Are students able to see their own tracker? What I mean is, are students able to see all their assignments and scores, for the whole year, in one page for example?


Welcome to our community, Monica! It’s great to see you here. Not currently, but we can definitely consider this!


Thank you! It would be great if you did consider that. Tracking students’ progress is important for teachers but also for students, so they can take ownership of their learning, as well as teaching them to see gaps and build next steps. Let me know if this changes.


Will do! We are going to start posting feature updates in the #General-Use category so stay tuned to there :slight_smile:


Question about tracker “update time” or triggering update of tracker circle

When I look at an assignment in the tracker I have some students who have not started and it shows a - if you click on the - the student box to the right shows “no work” and deselect formative in blue. However I have quite a few students who also have the - and when you click on it the student box to the right does show that the student has completed questions and auto-scoring shows points assigned.
But there is no colored circle indicating percentage.
How do i force a tracker circle update?



My tracker data has some issues, note that where a total% shows up in view responses-totals from within a formative itself, the tracker view is in some cases missing or discrepant.
How is the tracker being updated? upon submit? (does not look that way), a chron job?
Until I gain knowledge, I will trust the data in the view-responses-totals and not the tracker.

I have found this platform very useable, just want to ensure this is not pilot error, or provide evidence if something needs to be fixed :smile:


Iuse tracker to see where each students performance is. I lately begin sharing with students parents as well during parent teacher conferences as an evidence of students effort.