How Are You Using The Formative Tracker?



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@kmluckab recently expressed interest in learning ideas for using the The Formative Tracker. While we at HQ can definitely think of implementation ideas, we are also really curious of how you all are actually using it for what you teach. We invite you to share your ideas and experiences below!


If you haven’t used the Tracker yet but have ideas, please feel free to share them below! Also, if there are things that preventing you from using the Tracker, we’d love to hear them too.


I have used the tracker one of two ways:

  1. I check to see who is not in the green and I ask them to redo the assignment until they are in the green. I often will give them a Flipped video where I explain each question without giving the answer. Once students are in the green, they message me on Google Classroom.

  2. I have also grouped students by having all the Green do an extension activity, all the Yellow do another activity once they learn the skill again to recheck, and then I can pull all the Red to reteach and find out what they need from me as an instructor.


I am new to the tracker. I think that I need some help with the tracker. I am looking forward to reading the thread to see what the tracker can do. Thanks.


I use the Formative Tracker to track how my students are doing on each of the standards. It’s a quick and easy assessment to see how my students are doing. Another way that I use the tracker is by using the “assessment type” tool on the right hand side. I can switch this to something like “assignment” or “quiz” so that I can check how they are doing in a specific area. One that I use quite often is “homework”. I can easily check their nightly math homework each day!


Thanks for the input, Lisa! Which view (Formative or Standards & Tags) do you use to identify the assignments that students need to re-do? Which view do you use to group students?


That’s awesome, Madison! Have you found some trends in how they perform on what type of formative vs. another? I bet this would be useful to discuss as a class or with individual students and to ask them about the different factors affecting them (ex: they usually perform well on the do nows/ warm-ups because they have had time to process new information from a previous lesson).


So sorry. For the redo assignments I use the one below:

I keep edit on so that students can redo.
For the grouping students, I do this:


Ah, gotcha! That’s awesome! Feel free to share your ideas for using the Tracker as well:


Within a unit, I may use the tracker to see if students are improving certain skills that are being assessed within a group of formatives.


I check for mastery of the green area as well. I like how you group the green for an extension activity.


I used the individual student tracker to gauge mastery. As @fichtlis mention I check to see who is in the green. I ask them to write down the questions they didn’t get green and then go back and answer the incorrect questions. I use the all students tracker for standards mastery, 80% and above is the mastery goal in my class. Under the all students tracker depending on the color determines your remediation.


I use the views that @fichtlis shared to figure out who is missing what and to pull small groups that may be stuck in a particular question or series of questions. I do not use the standards tracker much since I have not actually tagged them.


I have some urgent improvement suggestions:

After one year (or three) years, I would like to delete old data because I get new students.

@David: You could move this posting to “suggestion” if you want to.


awesome! this is a super useful tip for using the insights you are getting!


Is there something we could consider implementing to make it easier to tag things or make it more worthwhile to do so?


Posting your awesome suggestions here is a-okay! I had stated in my original post that we’d love to hear anything that’s preventing people from using the tracker altogether and suggestions for urgent improvement definitely fall under that bucket! If you clicked on a student name to delete all their data, would you want this to also remove their responses, scores, and feedback from all formatives formatives you’ve ever given them?


I use the assignment colours first, but haven’t really been tagging standards much. Last I checked, Ontario Science wasn’t there. I am hoping to use it more this year as a form of exit ticketing system to hellp me track mastery a little better.


Are you referring to the Totals View from within the formative that @fichtlis was talking about? :slight_smile:

Which grade levels are you looking for?


Not really. It’s just that I have to get into the habit of tagging. One of the things that keeps me from doing it is that usually my “complete” formatives are tied to one standard, so tagging individual questions is not something that really works for me. I started to tag just one question in each, but if it happened that that is the one question that a student missed, it skewed the results (i.e.they may have shown mastery in all the rest of the questions in that formative, but would show as not mastered when the realiti is that they may very well have).

I just figure out a system that works. Perhaps we could tag complete formatives, but I hesitate to ask since I know that it may be that this is really a “me” problem.


Thanks for the insights! Making the tagging process easy is very important! I could see how being able to tag all the questions in a formative would be way more efficient and help prevent inconsistencies as you mention.