Hacks and other disturbances


Hello everyone

Last week, I did a Kahoot and had several disturbances:

  • flooded with spam nikenames
  • more answers than students in the classroom were given
  • countdown delays

I got to the bottom of all this:

There are other sites like these …

Soon other students will hear about it. However, I made it very clear to my students that any malfunctions will lead to immediate termination and we go back to paper and pencil. That threat worked well :slight_smile:

Have you encountered similar situations? How did you react?


Thanks Michael,

I wasn’t surprised by your post. Hack are getting to be a part of the simplest Flipped Classroom. I haven’t experienced the hack issue, but I have experienced where students were taking snapshots of their screens and then getting around our district recommended classroom management system (caught two students cheating on an benchmark assessment). Like you, I just warned my students that if caught, we would deal with it. As for cheating on a gamification site, I guess I would go to traditional paper review or lol…as I like to call them “brain crushing quizzes”. Last year, I warned them at the issuance of Chromebooks and because this year I am running a two day boot camp about the online resources we use, this will be a topic to discuss.

Thank you again for your post and sharing the sites.


Thank you for sharing, I have not run into this yet… I am sending this to our district team to block these sites…



Great idea. I think I will send them to my tech coordinator as well. Maybe I can get ahead of the problem!


Also, I have found that giving them a quiz for homework is successful because they are playing it on their own and cannot mess with it if they are individually doing it. I have done that for Kahoot as well as Quizizz. They all have to get a certain percentage to get total points and I make sure they can continue to take it over and over again by allowing multiple takes.


Great suggestion @fichtlis. I do something similar. A mastery score is set in advance but I make them write the incorrect question and answer in their notebook. In Quizzizz I sometimes let them see the quiz review at the end and other instances I don’t. Thanks for sharing.


Regarding the hacks in Kahoot, I have found that turning on the 2-step login completely eliminates the issue. The second step is a pattern of the colors/blocks that changes every 7 seconds. I don’t turn it on unless a class has had an incident of hacking. It’s annoying enough that after 1-2 times of dealing with it, they understand and don’t hack.