Google Search formative



Back in nov, @michael.lutz asked about a formative for internet search assignments

Didn’t see it until today, and it inspired me to create a Formative for students to practice efficient searching.

Would love some feedback and/or additional tricks that you think should be included.


What are the benefits of a student-centered approach to working with today's students?

Hi Mariana!
I love the idea of this Formative! I think the Formative you have created is very detailed and covers many aspects of the Google search function that is important for students to learn. I teach 4th grade and I often find that students that young have a very hard time searching for content within Google. I am definitely going to use this Formative (with some adjustments for age) as an opener to our Social Studies unit so students have the necessary research skills throughout the year.

Thanks for sharing!


This is great! I love how you are using formative to teach students to use Google properly.


Well done, @mgarcia! Sometimes an interesting question comes back :slight_smile:

I would like to contribute your search questions with the following ideas (some of them could be auto corrected):

  • Explain the term “obvious website”?

  • Explain the “boolean operators” (or shortcuts) using concrete examples.

  • What is the “invisible web”? Can it be made visible?

  • What is the phone number of XY?

  • Explain the difference between a “search engine” and a “search catalogue”.

  • Search for the following things (and import them as pictures on the white background):
    CD Cover “Crush” by Jon Bon Jovi
    View of the “Big Ben” in London
    Photo of the current president of the USA

  • What is the name of the company that owns the domain “goformative(dot)com”? -> solution under: REGISTRANT CONTACT -> Organization

  • How do I cook/bake Lasagne della nonna? Show the recipe!

  • Draw your footpath from home to school on Google maps.

  • With which command do people from bbc(dot)com hide things from the internet? -> solution (Disallow)

  • with what search parameters can you find more Google hacks in a pdf file?
    solution: “google hacks” filetype:pdf

  • how can you find confidential information about XY in a Powerpoint presentation?
    solution: “confidential” XY filetype:ppt or “for internal use only” XY filetype:ppt

  • how can you find sites that link to goformative(dot)com?
    -> solution

  • find websites that include “unix time stamp” in their title.
    -> solution

  • what was the first headline in the New York Times in April 2, 2002?
    -> solution

  • how can you find (hidden) pictures from “Kellis Lab at MIT Computer Science and Broad Institute”?
    -> solution



Now I’m thinking that I can have an easy (the original), intermediate (just boolean opperators and perhaps the map question and specific pics) and advanced version.
If I end up blogging about it, is it OK if I use your questions too?


Of course. Feel free to use or adapt them! could help (with google translate).

I‘m looking forward for the outcome. :smile: