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It was definitely quick. As I tabbed back to GC after posting I saw a notice saying that there was a new assignment and that i should reload the page, so although I don’t know if instantaneous, it was definitely quick.

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I love this idea! I can’t wait to see it as a voting option.


Were you on your school network or home network? Sometimes my school network is a little ‘laggy.’

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Yes, and even better if it could be marked as undone or returned once there is feedback from the Teacher, though I suspect this will be wishful thinking.

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I was at home, and will not be able to try it on the school network until mid August.


Thanks! We need to consider the logistics of this and will add it to the feature vote if possible!


That is what Quizizz does. When the time is up, it marks it and puts the mark in GC too.

I have had no problems posting to GC from formative. Only minor issues when my classes weren’t aligned, but a GC class update solved that issue.


Thanks for the input! Does it un-mark it in any condition? (Ex: if a teachers wants the student to revise their responses and the student re-opens the same Quizizz?)

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@mgarcia @tricia.mintner @Dawn_Frier1

If we were only able to make it so that the Google Classroom assignment is marked as “done” when the student submits it in Formative, would this still be helpful? In other words, if we weren’t able to make it so that the Google Classroom assignment was automatically un-marked as “done” in the future (ex: when a student goes back to edit their responses, when a teacher gives them feedback), would this integration still have value? Would it cause more trouble than it’s worth (ex: many teachers expect the formative to be automatically marked as “undone”? -causing confusion)

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I like the “mark it as done” feature even if redo’s don’t undo it. It is particularly helpful when I give optional tasks such as upgrade activities to know who is done, so can give them feedback, and grade if necessary.



There’s no need to have Formative mark it as ‘undone’. If I want a student to redo an assignment, it changes it to ‘not done’ when I ‘return it to the student.’ As long as the coding was something along the lines of ‘when a student clicks ‘submit’ the score for the formative is entered in GC or it is marked as ‘done’’ it would work just fine.


The lock feature is awesome if you have chromebooks… my school is 1 to1 mac or ipad

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I have a question that relates to this topic. I do quite a few trainings with adult learners and showing the ins and outs of Google Classroom. One thing I like to showcase is using 3rd party app integration with Classroom and one of those is Formative. However, when I have teachers that join a classroom and have the “teacher” setting in Google Classroom, Formative will not allow that to communicate with that particular class. Any way this can get changed?

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Thanks for sharing why this is important to you. We record every piece of feedback we get and use it to consider and prioritize things!

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@geilers this slipped my mind earlier, but when you import a class from Google Classroom a class code is still generated , which students can use to manually join the class. It appears on the Classes page to the right of the class name.

If you were to have teachers use it to join your class, I would encourage them to create student accounts that do not use their primary email addresses since they’ll most likely want to save these ones for associating with their Formative teacher accounts. You could also consider creating student accounts for them and add them to a class as shown here.


I teach high school algebra. I was wondering if there was a way for the grade from the formative to go right into google classroom when it is done? Other websites have done this (like quizzizz, for example). I am new to formative and am trying it instead of google forms for the simple reason that students can actually submit their own graph or own equation as a answer, which you can’t really do in google forms. All my quizzes had to be multiple choice in google forms. I like that they can show me what they know. But I would like to see the grade appear in Google Classroom for me to return without having to export all the grades, then input by hand all the grades into google classroom, as that just makes more work for me. :confused:


I requested the same thing awhile back. It would be a HUGE time saver!! I mentioned that EdPuzzle ‘posts to Classroom’ AND ‘brings scores back into the Classroom grade book.’ So, I know it’s possible. I’m sure it’s just a matter of coding and/or coordinating with Google to get the right permissions activated when signing in the first time.

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Wile I would like a more complete integration, perhaps when the student clicks the submit button in a Formative it could also trigger a submit assignment in Google Classroom. That way at least I get the email from Google that someone has completed an assignment.


this will be a huge improvement. thanks