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I am an avid user and lover of Google Classroom. Is there google classoom integration for fo formative?

Is there a goformative for teaching teachers to use google classroom?

Welcome to our community, Jason! Yes! You can import your classes from Google Classroom and there’s also a shortcut for posting a formative there as well! For the latter integration, simply assign to a class that you’ve imported and hit the toggle for posting to Google Classroom!


I am very excited for this feature! I, as well as you David, am an avid user of GoogleClassroom. It is a seamless tool to integrate technology in the classroom, and a great “one stop shop” to keep myself and my students organized.


@stephanie.talbert Welcome to our community! We are so happy to have you with us! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the Google Classroom integration!

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I’m going to be using Google Classroom this year so I’m very excited about this!!

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Google Classroom is an amazing tool. Great for distribution of materials and assessments. I love it as it makes for easy collection.


I want to try Google Classroom this year because it looks as though they are rolling out a feature that you can create assessments with a lock out feature to prevent students from going to other tabs. Those of you that have already linked formatives to classroom, can you tell me how easy it was for the students to use? Also, I keep my sections separate in formative now, even for the same class. Would you set it up the same for classroom to then create the formative classes?


For Google Classroom users, I am curious if you use it outside of the LMS of your school? or the lack of LMS from your school? We have Canvas as our LMS (it was Blackboard before) but I am liking the simplicity (but still very functional) Google Classroom. I am new to the latter but it seems easy to learn and use.


Question for Google Classroom users. I’ve used Edmodo for years as opposed to GC because of one small detail - the automatic locking of a “turned in” assignment. I like to have students turn in almost as soon as they create or start an assignment so I have their work and can go in as they are working on it (leave comments, have formative conversations, etc), and have trained my students to trust that there will be no official grading until the due date.
This coming year, I will be switching to GC, having caved to district pressure, and am wondering if there is a way to circumvent that “lock” of turned in assignments. I know that they can post the work as a comment to the assignment, but fear that many of the students will automatically click on turn in or even use it as an excuse (“I clicked turn in which locked it so I could not revise it because you need to unlock it”).

Any ideas will be much appreciated. - @Jason_Jorgensen and all @Certified_Educators and @informed_members who also use GC


Students can always Unsubmit assignments as needed. This is something many do not know, but after they turn in an assignment, that button becomes an unsubmit button. This is nice as feedback can happen fluidly and changes can still be made along the way. Hope this helps! I love GC!


As long as you are creating a copy for each student, you can see their progress and make comments in real-time before they ever click turn-in. The “unsubmit” button has solved the problem of students saying they were locked out if they did submit too early. If they need access they have the power to unsubmit and submit as many times as needed.


Alice Keeler, who is a Google Classroom guru, does exactly what you are describing. She has a website where she describes how to do that. You can view her site at


Thank you for the reply. Second question, though. If they unsubmit, can the teacher still access the work in progress to leave comments?

What I am trying to replicate is both T and Ss (perhaps even more than one) being able to access the document at the same time without either depending on each other to give access.


You bet! The nice thing about GC is the teacher always has access and can edit or provide comments/feedback. I like the turn in/unsubmit to really show the progress and growth in any particular assignment. Couple with in document feedback, I like the assignment feature in GC as it allows for private dialogue with the student via the assignment comments. When they are ready to submit for the final
time, they always leave me a comment letting me know…otherwise we just carry on dialogue through the process. One could definitely not use the turn in feature until the very end, but with 150 students, I like that notification so I know who is in need of feedback and who is still trucking along.

Students can also still collaborate within the GC assignments, too. They can create an assignment directly from something the teacher posts, and then they can add their collaborators as they normally would within any GAFE. Let me know if you have any other questions! GC is rolling out some new updates starting this fall, and I can tell you they are great!!


This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you @Laura_Goracke


Depending on the assignment and what my students are doing I often use slides or docs for assignments if I need to keep checking in. For instance, I’ll basically share a blank writing prompt on GC and have students work on that platform and submit when they are finished. This allows me to check progress each day and leave feedback as needed. Often times my students forget to submit (just one step too many for my littles) but I can still access their work through my drive.


I use Google Classroom in two ways:

  1. Individual Assignments.

As soon as the student opens it, I have access to their work and can post comments in it, and mark it if necessary. It is true that once they submit it, it is locked. They can unsubmit or you can return them which unlocks them.

  1. Collaborative Assignments
    I will add a slide show or spreadsheet with a page for each student or group to put their thinking. It is much faster to evaluate, and allows for peer review/edit. It can lead to student sabotage on occasion - I save revisions periodically - and can’t use Doctopus to grade.

If enough of us ask that submitted assignments stop losing access, Alice Keeler has been for a long time, then maybe Google will stop removing student edit permissions upon a submit.



A suggestion that Alice had was to have students post a comment about their work before they posted the assignment. That way you can see it as soon as you open Google Classroom. What do you think?

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I’ve been teaching that as the “norm”, but I know some of them will be locking simply because that’s who they are. I’m glad that I have the response for what to do when that happens :slight_smile:

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New to GC… If I post this way, when the students will it open as an embedded item in GC or will it open as a separate tab/window? Guess I should create a trial classroom …

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