Goodbye amazing people 👋


Dear Formative Certified Educators :formative:

This is my goodbye to you because I am leaving the community at the end of next week. I am going to invest in another project. I have been an active member of this community since November 20th, 2017 - created 36 topics and replied 387 times.

It was fascinating to see how the product Formative was being shaped and improved so much over the last months. It is and will ever be an exciting and my favorite assessment tool.

I have loved your inputs and the hangouts or the different online webinars. Thank you for your inputs, help and suggestions. Through you I got to know new tools or eduProtocols helping me improving my teaching and supporting my students on a higher level.

All the best for your teaching and your private life! :heart: May you be the one who makes a difference and plant a seed :seedling: in a person that will turn into a massive tree! :deciduous_tree:
Michael Lutz


Hey @michael.lutz,
I am very sad to see you go. Your input and replies have been invaluable to me and I hope that our paths will cross again. Thank you for everything.

Mariana Garcia Serrato


@michael.lutz you will certainly be missed! I cannot express how grateful we are to have had you here. I wish you all the best and, as Mariana said, I hope to cross paths in the future.


I have learned so much from you. Best of luck in your new adventure.

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