Good Sites to Embed...example formative :)


Happy Monday Formative Community!!!

I was going through some formatives with my colleague Jill and we came across this:

Good sites to Embed with Formative

There are hyperlinks for each site, and an example for each too :slight_smile:

I hope you find this formative helpful!

Have a great week everyone!!



Very cool. Thank you!


Just read padlet will no longer be free :slightly_frowning_face: do you have any suggestions as alternative


Hey @d.vendramin! Todays Meet would be the closest thing I know to padlet, but the overall look and feel is different from my perspective though. I would like to hear from others that use padlet. I’m sure they have some suggestions. I think @tbland, @fichtlis and @msashlylcot use padlet. Do any of you have any suggestions for programs similar to padlet?




You will still be allowed 60 padlets for free


Like @msashlylcot says, the message I got when I went in to check this, still allows you some for free (don’t remember the actual number), and they also clarified that if you run over, you can delete older ones (or ones you do not use anymore), to make room for more. Not ideal, but not horrible.

That being said, I have also used, though I cannot seem to get it to work on Formative, either using their embed code nor generating one using an iframe generator.


@mgarcia Thanks for recommending such a cool tool! Since they use “http” the i-frame is being is blocked. We only allow embeds from sites that use “https” like us, for security. I would recommend reaching out to their team and seeing if they would consider switching over to “https”.



Cool site @mgarcia! I will def need to give it a try.


I saw Alice Keeler tweet that you could use Google Slides and have each student have a slide and then go into grid view so that it looks like a padlet. Rather brilliant.


@Pamela_Oviedo Check this out!


Super awesome. Thanks


How have I never thought to include a padlet?! What an awesome idea :grin:


Thanks for sharing this!


Looks like something to give a go. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing Nicole @nicole !