GoFormative... or GoSummative?

Hi everyone!
Especially with the option that I see that’s in Beta of setting a time limit for a formative, I’m curious if anyone has been using (or is planning on using) GoFormative as their go-to tool for giving summative assessments.

I teach middle school math, and have recently discovered that I can upload a pdf (of an old test/quiz) and just attach the questions to the specific spots on the pdf where the problem is. Has anyone used this feature? Pros/cons? Have you used anything else in place of it?

@caleb_goff My 7th-grade math PLC uses Formative for our summative assessments. Personally, I would rather retype the questions than upload a PDF. I sometimes have trouble getting the numbers for each question in the correct spot. Have you had a chance to use the math text?

With that being said, I have used the PDF upload and it works well. I just don’t care for how it looks. So…pros - quick and efficient/cons - appearance

I used it last year for summative assessments. I really liked being able to see the students logging in and tracking their progress.

I LOVE the PDF feature! It makes things so easy to grade! Here’s an example of a worksheet I created that incorporated a lot of math (I am a chemistry teacher). https://goformative.com/clone/3QWRK8?_rid=yc7zsm I found it so easy to assign and give feedback!

Yes, absolutely. I copy and paste test questions in a Formative test for end of chapter tests. I also use some of the test questions in each lesson I develop. Great feature. Formative is the only application I use with Google classroom. Oh yes, Quizlet for terminology.

I use it for testing. My main concern is that they can see the entire test at once (which is easier for working with others during a test).

-Time Limit
-Start/Close Time
-Assign to certain students
-Shuffle questions
-Lock it after submission so they can’t see the questions
-Show your work options

-No use of a “question bank” like on the Canvas Platform
-They can view all the questions at once
-No “testing mode” (hard to do when virtual learning)
-All questions are the same for all students. (On Canvas, there is a “formula question” where you can input several different options as a variable so it outputs different answers and the students all have different questions).

Overall…it is the only way I am testing for remote learning. THe pros for math outweigh the cons.

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I’m intrigued by using the platform for summative assessments. I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to add section breaks (this would be helpful in aesthetics/formatting as well) that would allow only a section at a time to be displayed.

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Our whole math department is using it this year. I used it last year for summative assessments. Students had to log into Meet then go to the assessment. I created all my tests in powerpoint (imports beautifully) and only put one or two questions per slide. This way they only saw a few questions at a time and was easier to see since our students use chromebooks with smaller screens.

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