Goformative or Google Form or combine?


I use both GoFormative and Google Forms to assess my students’ learning daily. I see that some people are embedding their Google Forms into GoFormative. I’ve tried this and it works! Question: What are the benefits of adding forms into Formative?


For me, it is all about keeping the students in one place as they work. Using the embed tool in Formative, I can add everything that I need/want to add, including a Google form, and there are no distractions or “where’s the link? I was trying to get to __ when I accidentally landed on pictures of Pokemon.” excuses.


Great idea and so true! I’ll make sure to try this.


Interesting. I had never thought of this. Do you use the google forms to keep track of your data or do you use something else?


@Rachel_Kerr. I gamify so every piece of data that I obtain, whether from Formative, a Google form, a rubric or even sites like Rocketlit lands in my Leaderboard (Google Spreadsheet) as experience points, which in turn assigns badges and displays the ranks students have achieved.


In terms of 5th grade… I can see a Form in a Formative to…

  • Gather data…
    … which can be displayed on the teacher screen for discussion
    … then students can answer questions about that data in the Formative
    … students can create questions that can be answered from that data.
    … draw a graph based on that data in Show Your Work… then compare that against the one generated in the Form Responses. Students could vote on whose graph is the most accurate, neatest, most creative, etc.
  • used as a ‘pretest’ to access prior knowledge… then teach… then students complete the rest of the lesson in Formative.

For me, Formative is my ‘book.’ We have a text book, but the students don’t like to skip around the book (as I see that it needs to be taught), nor do they like to carry the book to class. I have a standard Google Form that I use to collect URLs of Formatives students turn in after the due date since I’m not actively looking for them any more. I like this method because it doesn’t fill up my email, the URL the responses is clickable so it takes me straight to the Formative I need to grade, plus, I can sort by URL so I can grade all the students from all my different class periods at the same time.


This is a great workaround for getting to the formatives that your students have most recently completed. Would it be helpful if you were notified in Formative when a student/multiple students submitted their assignment and to have a clickable link to go straight to the View Responses page for it?