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I am using formative to help my students work on open ended short answer questions. I’m looking for feedback to make it more engaging. Any advice?

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What about including a Flipgrid?


That’s a great idea! Thanks.


Hey Jessica,

I got a chance to look at your Formative. Would you consider the following?

Use a PDF from DocsTeach, embeded into it and adding a few more questions. I’d push the number to 10 questions (if you are planning to use it for a grade), that way you can add 10 points per question and for purposes of downloading into your grade book quicker. Here is one that always caught my eye. You could lead into it about how when kids are bored and they begin to doodle…show them that even the President can be human at times.

JFK doodling

Another thought, is to place a short video of either Kruschev or JFK giving a speech.

How bout a qoute that the kids could analyze? I loved this one as it does a great job of summarizing the “Cold War” and Cuban Missile Crisis.

“The two most powerful nations of the world had been squared off against each other, each with its finger on the button. You’d have thought that war was inevitable. But both sides showed that if the desire to avoid war is strong enough, even the most pressing dispute can be solved by compromise. And a compromise over Cuba was indeed found.” - Nikita Khrushchev

Anyway great formative you created. Enjoyed the questions. Made me think about the “Cold War” and lol…my Reforger days in Germany.

Hope this helps.


Love it thanks for the great ideas!


I forgot to mention. I do not know what your District IT does to screen videos. We use Iboss Safevideosearch, its a http site and so it doesn’t work on Formatives, as David educated me on regarding another post.

So the option is to give your district a work order on the link and have them preapprove it to watch on all district level 1-1 systems. I found this works out pretty good in my case, when I don’t see it approved on IBOSS.



Ive recently looked into flipgrid, how do you find using it… it is a good tool for me to use or should i move on to find another


love this activity, I wanted to know how you find using formative in class as I have not to this point used it.


It’s really good - but the sharing feature can be a little scary - I always tell the kids not to use any personal information at all - we don’t want sensitive information out there. The kids love it, and it’s a good way to listening and speaking skills accomplished -


Thank you and I will give it a go in September along with formatives.


Flipgrid seems like a great option with my ells who don’t talk a lot


Hey Jessica!

I’ve also had to work hard to make my Formatives a little more engaging, exciting, and visually appealing. One thing I always like to do is include the text or video my questions stemmed from. I’ve really stressed going back to double check answers this year, so I like having that option for students all in one place. I think setting up Formatives like that also make them a little more reusable for other teachers. I know when I’m looking through shared Formatives the ones with text or videos included always catch my eye!

I also like the idea of adding a Flipgrid - it’s such a fun app that gives everyone a chance to share their voice! I think the sense of an actual audience bigger than just their teacher really gives them a purpose/motivation to form a complete answer as well.

Padlet could be another fun program to embedd - that way students could see what others answered for certain questions :slight_smile:


I have recently seen that padlet is no longer free an will be limited to a certain number of padlets so that may not be an option. I have begun using nearpod which has free and paid options in which there is a collaborative slide that can be used… Just wonder if could be embedded here



Two alternatives that I began to use at the end of the year.: Lino and Wakelet (began converting some of my padlets into that site). I’ve included a sample of the Wakelet pad

Other alternatives: Dotstorming. I began using this as well, but they limit you to 3 pads. I know some of the Certified Formative folks use it. So they might give their thoughts.

Have a great summer and cheers!


As far as wakelet is there a limit placed on how many topics and such you can make?


Morning Jason,

I don’t see a limit at the present, but that was the same for Padlet. However, like all start up companies that develop technology tools, subscriptions help pay for the developers, server space…etc. I am no expert in the field, but it does cost in the end.


Thanks so much for your help this is definitely a tool I will look into


I think you could have used some of the different question features if you have premium. The compare and contrast or sequencing could have been a way to see students understanding of events.

If you do not have premium features maybe including pictures and have the questions on certain pictures that could help trigger students memories possibly.


@slm12 here’s some more info!


Jessica, You’re off to a great start! I’d try adding a bit of differentiation to your Formative. Formative can do SO many more things than just “short answer.” Ask yourself these questions: What do I want students to know? How can they demonstrate they have learned this? Could students produce/contribute/collaborate to show this mastery? That should always be our goal!