Formative Feedback Week! (Jan. 15th-Jan. 19th)


Hey everyone!

This week we are celebrating effective feedback in the classroom by inviting you to share your thoughts and experiences! Starting tomorrow in the #specialized-application category, we’ll be posting discussion questions for you to respond to and some of our favorite feedback resources as well. All participants will earn this special Formative Feedback Week badge!

Formative Feedback (1)

We can’t wait to learn with you all!


The Formative Feedback Team

(@Andrew_MacLean @david @kallgood @msashlylcot @michael.lutz )


@david I’ll on board part as well. In particular on Wednesday :wink:.


@david I’ll also try and make it this evening. Can you email me or post the link to this thread?



Going to be a great week :slight_smile:


Each question is a different topic in the Community Center! Here’s the first one. The other team members will be posting the remaining questions throughout the rest of the week and I’ll make sure to give you a heads up!