Formative Certification Program Overview & Application


Hi! I think I finished all the badges, but waiting for the last 2 to be awarded. Then I can join you as a Certified Educator. You are my inspiration! Ciao!!!
P.S. How about having badges that “unlock” levels for our students? If it is addictive for us, why wouldn’t it be for them? :slight_smile:


Congrats! I think I finished too!! :blush:


@djohnson Congrats! I think you are all set with your badges, but let me know if you still have any questions or concerns! Student badges is definitely something we’ve talked about and can definitely consider!


Yay - just submitted my application! :grin:


Also just submitted my application!


@informed_members Just a heads up that the deadline to apply to our upcoming cohort of Certified Educators is August 5th! We welcome a new cohort every month or so, so if you are just getting started with earning badges…no worries! Take your time and enjoy the experience :slight_smile:


Do you have a deadline for September/October? I probably missed that message somewhere.



Hey Jillian, great question! It’s September 30th, 2018. That’s noted in the initial post above, but that might be a little hard to spot :wink:


Ha! Whoops! I see that now. Thanks!


I am just wondering on how to reply/post feedback on others formatives. Also how and where do I share my formatives?

Where Do I Start

@enapolitano thanks for reaching out! You can post formatives in the #specialized-application category! When you do, please make sure the title summarizes what the formative is about, provide some context in post (ex: more details about the formative, how you plan on using it in your classroom) and ask others to share their thoughts about it (Ex: “Does anyone have ideas for how I can make this formative even better?” , “What does everyone think of this aspect of it?”)

You check out formatives that others have shared in the #specialized-application category as well! Since you teach math, here’s one that might be of interest:


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I replied to the last badge of “Formative Educator” the other day, but have not seen any response from it. I applied for the Certified Educator Badge the other day in hoping to get into the 9/30 cohort group. I am wondering how you hear about the completion status or if you got Certified.


@enapolitano Did you fill out the application for it? I became official within 2 days of completing the last couple badges.


@jillian.kostuchrzepk I did fill it out (I think). It was a google form correct?


Yep. Don’t worry. It isn’t like the badges that you seem to get the same day. You’ll be a part of the group in no time!


@enapolitano thanks for checking in :slight_smile: We’ve awarded you with your Formative Educator badge! We’ve also received your application and just followed up with you via private messaging!


Any idea when we will hear about the November 30th cohort? Thanks!


Hey Crystal,

I just followed up with you via private messaging!