Formative and Flipgrid



I’m loving the idea of embedding flipgrids into formatives so that students do not need to leave goFormative to add their video response. Sharing my latest example for biogeochemical cycling

Adding student video responses

That’s great! My kids love FlipGrid. I’ll definitely look to include a flip grid into future formative. I see you started off with an EdPuzzle Video. Do you have YouTube issues with Edpuzzle? Our district blocks it so I haven’t been able to utilize YouTube/Ed Puzzle in my formatives. Suggestions for a work-around?

I love how you have information, questions, and a flipgrid all in one spot!


I am one of the lucky ones who have YouTube access at school. Lobbied IT and admin mercilessly, showing how denying access was in detriment to what could be done. That being said, PBS learning media has several videos that can be used on EdPuzzle and other platforms.


Good for you! I usually make my own Ed Puzzle Videos but I don’t think I can link those to a Formative. Maybe I can now…I should look into that again.

Thanks for the FlipGrid idea!


I am so excited I found this post!! I teach math and have recently started incorporating FlipGrid to have students explain their solutions. Thank you for sharing!


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Thanks for the share! As I took a look at it, I kicked myself for not throwing my own biogeochemical stuff into a formative. We have a video, and the questions…even an EdPuzzle! I need to remember how easy it is just to add the formative piece so I can track and see our progress in one place.


I have just started using Flipgrid in my classroom. I love that I can embed them into my formatives. Thanks for sharing the example. I liked that you had both an Edpuzzle and Flipgrid embedded in one formative. That gives me some good ideas for creating some new assessments.


I also use Flipgrid in my classes. EDpuzzle is another great tool. Does anyone use Flocabulary or BrainPop?


Hello, I was skimming through comments about Edpuzzle and Youtube not working plagues many school districts. I had many of the same issues when I began my innovation classes.

Here is a quick fix. Work with your district IT team to find out what safe search system the district uses. In our case in Texas, we use IBOSS Safesearchvideo (Google, the site is free). I then find the video I want to use in Edpuzzle and check IBOSS the video exists in that library, using the same video in Edpuzzle (this is about 85 percent successful for most Youtube/Edpuzzle videos. I have over 200 students and only new gains, experience some issues, which I work out within a day. Please know, that copying the IBOSS Safesearchvideo URL and pasting it into Edpuzzle does not work. I’ve mentioned that to in my Edpuzzle emails, they are aware, but really its a program URL issue.

The next option is to copy the Edpuzzle link (which you can easily do by going into the share link). Copy the link and then provide that link to your IT department that approves websites. If you have a list of viable Edpuzzle links already in your Innovation lesson plan, copy all of them and mail them to them via your district IT work order. In our case we open it up in Eduphoria which is where our IT department takes all list. Once they copy those URL’s, its a simple approval process and run a test on one student to see if the link can be opened by the student, then assign it to the rest of the class. This might seem time consuming, but eventually, once done and in your districts approval setting, you should no longer see a problem.

Hope this make sense, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards.


I cannot wait to try this out!!!


Excellent use of both edpuzzle and flipgrid in the formative. You’ve given me plenty of ideas that I can incorporate into my science class!


I think this could be great. What about having students answer an IB Biology extended response question using Flipgrid. Having students practice explaining their understanding of complex concepts will help them retain it longer term.


I taught in a school district where YouTube was blocked for students and I couldn’t get any videos white-listed… so, I used a site (I can’t remember the site, but I’m sure you can Google one) that allowed me to download the video and then I uploaded to EDpuzzle. A little time consuming, but it worked! The videos from TeacherTube worked fine from the start since they are already approved for school use. If I was at school the download site wouldn’t work (it was blocked by the firewall.) So, I opened the video recording within my SmartBoard and recorded the video as an mp4… and then uploaded that to EDpuzzle. It was a hassle, but it allowed me to get a student-approved video to embed in my Formative.


Totally dig this idea! Thanks for sharing as I am definitely one with the #flipgridfever. A great appsmash with Formative and Flipgrid!