Favorite Activity/Assignment with Goformative

Hello Goformative Community! I’m excited to be part of this learning community. My name is Elizabeth Moreno, Spanish teacher. I currently teach Heritage Spanish and Regular Spanish 2. I am looking to connect with other Spanish teachers to learn/share how you are integrating GoFormative in your daily lesson plans.

What is your favorite activity/assignment with Goformative?


Hi @emoreno,

I teach 5th grade Spanish and just started applying Go Formative to the Spanish classroom this past year (I had been using it primarily for Math classes with the Show Your Work feature).

For Spanish though I’ve been using it as a study guide for basic vocabulary practice. Students are given access the week before their quiz. As soon as they submit it, they get to see the correct answers. (I do not take a formal grade for this kind of activity). This lets them know what words/sentences they need to practice more. It also lets me see any patterns I need to address during the class review prior to the quiz. I’ve also set up review stations a couple times and use formative results to group students into stations they need the most review/practice with.
(If there are major areas of struggle across the class I may push the quiz back and have the students re-take the formative after more intentional review)

There are several features that lend themselves well to supporting language learning, but I haven’t gotten to implement them in the classroom yet - I’m looking to do so next year!

@WorldLanguages_Eds any good formative ideas you can share?


Hi @emoreno,

I teach Chinese and I use Formative mostly for two purposes:

  1. typing
  2. grammar practice

We would go over the answers as a group and re-teach if student comprehension level seems low. Students are exposed to a variety of sentences and common errors.

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I was so excited when we decided to go forward with buying this with all of its bells and whistles. I still really like the program, but I have not used it enough. I am just overwhelmed with all of the choices (which is a good problem to have!) I used it for assessment (listening, reading, writing, speaking - all the forms) in Spanish 1. This year I am only Sp 1 at the high school level but have taught 1, 2, 3. I am VERY interested in using this for IN CLASS (virtual) practice - where I can post questions and add them as we go and check answers, compare, get ideas from each other, etc. I am trying to find a post or someone who has used formative in this way vs. a take this quiz and get feedback later kind of way. I don’t know if this makes sense, but I hope it does!