Exploring Triangles



@Math_Educators Here is a formative I created for exploring triangles.


Let me know what you think.


I like this, Megan! I’ve never explored like this before. I was confused by the last question, though: “Which triangle centers are always collinear?” Did you intend for students to discover that in isosceles triangles, the centers are always collinear? If so, perhaps a complete the blank format would work: In ____________ triangles, the centers are always collinear. OR, you could direct students to create three different isosceles triangles and describe the relationship between all four centers.


It’s awesome. plan on using it as is and many other times. I’ll use the GeoGebra activity for exploration of concepts. I am currently using separate Desmos activities to explore features of triangles.
I’ll use this feature with my Sphero Pilot program for my students, with limited knowledge of features of a triangle are asked to find the centroid of a triangle when completing the Stem activity, Multi-directional Bowling Challenge!.


I love this GeoGebra Activity! I had made one similar to it a while back but this one is pretty comprehensive!


Great formative, Megan! I am not really familiar with GeoGebra, but I think I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!