Equations and math symbols


Copy and paste has been the easiest way for me


You can now add math text as answer choices!


@david Well done! :clap::+1:


Thank you.This really opens the door for student responses. My students will be happy for this tidbit.


This is great information! I am so glad I found this thread because I was wondering the same thing. I will definitely be using and sharing with my students.


I love Equatio!!! You can get the full version free if you sign up with an educators email.


Just look up LATEX and what you’re trying to do. There are tons of forums dedicated to it and once you do it one or two times you will remember. LATEX is super easy and even though they don’t have a full implementation, it should be sufficient for any high school math class. I use it all the time for university classes I teach. Most things are very intuitive like “\pi” is “π” and “\sqrt()” puts a square root around whatever is in the parentheses. Just google “LATEX” and “how do i do”