Equation Editor


I know, right? Hats off to @michelle.wooten for finding it! Also, thanks for the kinds words. I am glad that we can offer options that help students focus on sharing their thinking :slight_smile:


My students and I are loving that they can input algebraic/numeric answers! :+1:


I’m not seeing places for calculus inputs such as an integral sign. Am I missing this? I teach AP calculus and would like them to be able to use this feature too


What are all the specific symbols you’d like added to the calculator? We can definitely consider adding more.


An integral sign and a summation sign would be fantastic. Also the ability to write piecewise functions would be good too


Thanks, Sean! We noted it!


I see you have sin but no cosine on the calculator. How do you display cos. Also, I need theta and I don’t see that symbol either.


Thanks for the feedback, Myra! We can definitely consider adding both of these to the calculator!


@bennettl To put double digit as a subscript, you need to put {} around the number. For instance if you want to type log base 12 you would do log (underscore){12} x and then it should put the 12 as a subscript.


I would love to see a higher degree root added to. Right now, it is limited to just the square root, but I teach Adv. Algebra 2 where the students are doing cube roots, 4th roots, etc.


I noted this in our meeting! Thanks for sharing it here too in case others want to express their interest in those symbols!


@mjdeister I just wanted to follow up because I noticed something. You can type in “cos” as shown below. Does that meet your needs or is there something we can do to improve upon this? :slight_smile:


I found that I could use the LaTex, but I couldn’t type fast enough before the computer ‘translated’ it. . So, I typed it in a different document first, and then copied and pasted it into the Formative question.


Hello! I am a new member here. I teach chemistry and I am wondering why there aren’t any quick ways to have simple superscripts and subscripts in Formative. It seems like this simple formatting option should be available. Is this a premium feature?

Thanks in advance! I am very excited to use Formative in the Fall!


Hey Kathleen :slight_smile: Welcome to our community! That’s a great question! While you can create superscript using the equation editor (as shown above), the math text must currently appear on it’s own line. We understand how it would be awesome for it to appear in-line with the rest of the text you are typing and are definitely considering bringing back this formatting option! We are definitely considering adding in an in-line subscript option back in too!


This is much needed for science, expecially chemistry!


@sbutler You can now set an answer key using the equation editorfor the Numeric Question Type! So your students can now respond with an equation editor and you can have our system auto-score with it! It’s under Premium Teacher!


Yes please… those would be so helpful!!


@mgriffin his is on the feature vote this week :slight_smile: Even if it doesn’t win, we can still consider it!


Yay! I just keep voting for that one! :grin: