Equation Editor


Thank you for your responsiveness! I imagine people are happy with the easy access to expanded functions and symbols offered in the button-based editor. For those familiar with LaTex, there’s a lot more that can be done within this platform. I for one would be appreciative of having a way to access the empty box for code.


You are so welcome! We really appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


How do you use the equation editor to enter an answer (in the answer key) involving symbols (such as the radical symbol) if the question is a numeric type? Students get the box to enter their response but it doesn’t come up for me to use when entering the answer key.


Currently, you cannot create items in the answer key with the equation editor. We are definitely strongly considering implementing this and appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: We record every piece and discuss it!


Thank you for your quick response. I have managed a work around by entering it in the question, then copying and pasting. So until then…:smile:


This is an ingenious workaround! Nice job, Michelle :slight_smile: I made a GIF to show other @Math_Educators how you can use the equation editor for the answer key of Numeric questions!


Some Features I Would Like to See

I am having similar issues and suggested to Nicole the idea of a toggle to switch between the basic LaTeX input panel and “advanced” manual entry mode (which sets the editor back to the way it was).


That’s a great idea! Thanks for the feedback Matthew!


I’ve found the Chrome extension Permanent Clipboard helpful for “canning” LaTeX code strings that I don’t want to re-type. The extension packages strings of text so that it can be quickly accessed and copied to the clipboard for pasting anywhere! It is a big time saver.


I would LOVE for there to be an equation editor available for my students to use when inputting answers. Right now, I try workarounds like using sqrt(x) for square root of x, ^2 for squared, etc. However, it would be really nice for students to be able to write their short answers with an equation editor. Often, I find students had the right answer but just didn’t follow the syntax so I end up having to go over my formatives and “hand grade” them to take this into account.


We have a new, advanced Numeric question type that allows students to respond with the button-based equation editor! If you don’t have premium, you can sign up here!

If you want this question type to be auto-scored, you can use this workaround:


This is such a great work around! Students often spend more time focusing on how to input math correctly instead of the actual mathematical content! I love that Formative has delivered this numeric response question type!


I know, right? Hats off to @michelle.wooten for finding it! Also, thanks for the kinds words. I am glad that we can offer options that help students focus on sharing their thinking :slight_smile:


My students and I are loving that they can input algebraic/numeric answers! :+1:


I’m not seeing places for calculus inputs such as an integral sign. Am I missing this? I teach AP calculus and would like them to be able to use this feature too


What are all the specific symbols you’d like added to the calculator? We can definitely consider adding more.


An integral sign and a summation sign would be fantastic. Also the ability to write piecewise functions would be good too


Thanks, Sean! We noted it!


I see you have sin but no cosine on the calculator. How do you display cos. Also, I need theta and I don’t see that symbol either.


Thanks for the feedback, Myra! We can definitely consider adding both of these to the calculator!