Equation Editor


Is there any talk about adding an equation editor in the student version? It would be great for students to have something like Math Type to be able to input for math classes.


Hey Shannon! I see you are new here! Welcome :slight_smile: There is definitely talk of an equation editor for the student end. We appreciate you letting us know it’s something you’d like and have recorded that!


@sbutler I totally agree with you. That would be a huge improvement for me (secondary school teacher) as a math teacher. Which grades do you teach?


I teach mostly Juniors and Seniors. Honors Pre-Calc and AP Calculus AB. I have to spend time teaching my students How to type in answers specifically so the short answer will grade itself. It’d be great to just have them use an equation editor. It would allow me to spend more time on content.


I’m just getting used to the equation editor and using subscripts. Is there any way to write double-digit numbers as subscripts?


@sbutler Is it this what you’re looking for?


I would like the students to have access to something like this in the “short answer” type of question so that formative can grade it automatically


@sbutler I understand. Yes, that would be something I desire, too!


Thanks for the additional details Shannon! It’s great to hear why you would like an equation editor for students!


Same! Today as a part of my lesson, when we got a fraction answer, I stopped for a minute so I could explain to my students how they would type it into goformative. There are ways to work around it - but I agree an equation editor for students would be extremely useful and helpful!


Thanks for the feedback Lauren! We record every piece we get and use to inform our development! I’d be interested to hear what workarounds you’ve found :slight_smile:


Thankfully 8th grade math symbols are more simple compared to pre-calc and calculus :grin: Today we just talked about using / for fractions.
Another work around I have found helpful is in the question box after I type the question, I will put “write your answer as x=#” or something similar so students know how to type their short answer responses correctly. Going over how to type in their answers ahead of time and then giving them a reminder in the question box has seemed to work for me.


Thanks Lauren! I was just talking with @dentlerp earlier today about how she does something similar for Spanish! Another workaround, would be to have students hand write their work and upload them as screenshots to Show Your Work questions.


Yes, I find that if it’s something I’d like them to instant feedback on, I model the response for them in the question. :slight_smile:


I model that for them as well, however it would still be nice for them to be able to use an equation editor in the future


One idea for this would be to make EquatIO work with Formative!


We can definitely consider this Ethan! Thanks for the feedback!


This would be a great feature for Formative!


Also, when I type the codes in multiple choice answer choices, for example: x^2 it doesn’t show up in the student version as x squared (hope that makes sense) … that and the \frac{1}{3} or /frac (I also have to look which way that goes up) are my two most used math items.

The equation editor works fine in the question stem, just not the answer choices. I’ve been creating “photos” and using those, but that is not ideal.

If it’s my error instead of something to be improved by programming, someone please let me know!

Thank you for this thread and the ideas presented.


Hi Michael,

If you have time for a reply, are those just screenshots of desmos? Or are you able to embed it so your students can use it while they are using GoFormative?