Equation editor in "Show your work" question

Is there not an equation editor in the background of a “Show Your Work” kind of question? I want to put in a math expression in the background so that students can draw, type, etc., and the expression is right there. As of now, I only see the equation editor on the screen where you actually type the question.

It’s not a super difficult feature to add, yeah? Pretty please?


I use the snipping tool to take a screen shot of the equation and then put it in with images. Your suggestion would work better but until then - that’s how I do it.

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Yes–the snipping tool is magic! It’s just so many extra steps to copy it in MS Paint, save it, and upload it to GoFormative. Just trying to figure out more efficient ways to do things :slight_smile:

I agree! I use the snipping tool too, but would really like to see the equation editor in the Show Your Work section. Math features tend to be simple enough from the teacher end, but always tougher from the student end.

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I agree. That would be very helpful, even from the student perspective. I have been using the Show Your Work questions for my Geometry Honors class to write proofs and it would be helpful to have equation editor tools. Right now my students have to open a new tab and Google the symbols so that they can copy and paste them into a text box. It’s tedious.