Emojis have changed?

Is it just me or have the emojis changed? They used to be the normal yellow faces, now they are just black and white outlines. They look terrible and it’s difficult to see them. What happened?

Hi @mervin, what device and version are you on? There were some updates to the emojis but they should still have their colours.

Try restarting your computer. You may have some updates that need to be installed. :slight_smile:

Also, depending on the computer you use there is a shortcut key that I use. For example on Windows Computers if you hit the windows button and ; you will get a box that pops up.

For a Apple Computer it is CTRL + CMD + Space**

I am using Windows machines. It happens on both my school computer - Windows 10 and my personal laptop - also Windows 10.

Here’s a screenshot:

I’m having this same problem! All of a sudden, all emojis went to black/white. Restarting hasn’t helped. I’d love to know how to fix this issue!

I noticed the same issue as well. I’ve restarted my computer several times, but they are in ‘outline’ form instead of ‘color’ form. I tried to make new formatives, and well as looking at old formatives and the ‘outline’ form is on all the assignments. I looked via Safari on my iPhone and the icons are colorful. I can use the same emojis on my other web-based documents and they are also colorful. @chris1 This is only happening in Formative. Something has changed in the Formative coding that effects Windows devices/browsers. Michelle, how long ago did you notice the color change? It might help the developers pinpoint where the code changed.

If I had to guess it was probably not far from the date I first posted. Maybe a couple weeks prior?

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Is everyone who is experiencing this issue using the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows?

I am using Chrome, but I just tried it on Edge and it does the same thing

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