Embedding from Padlet


Yes I will get that to you in a bit. thank you!


Here is the Padlet code:

Made with Padlet

And here is the Formative I am working on: https://goformative.com/clone/SMCBMV


The formative you made looks really awesome! I love the topic and I would be really excited to take it as a student and share my thoughts. When I click on the Padlet link you provided, it sends me to their homepage.

If you still need help embedding the padlet, can you send along the embed code for it? Here’s an article I found about grabbing the embed code for the padlet: https://padlet.com/support/padlets_embed


Thank you! the embed code won’t paste to this post for some reason. I will see if I can figure it out.

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@jamie_sardana Okay. I got the embed to work… I think. Here is a link to do the lesson as a student if you want! [https://goformative.com/formatives/6tvpXk6ZYxqwnRvyc/view].
(https://goformative.com/formatives/6tvpXk6ZYxqwnRvyc/view) I appreciate the support and feedback!

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I am now see something from Padlet show up, but it’s unclickable. @BarryD , could you try to clone a copy of her formative and see what we need to fix? I tried to use your template but am still having issues. Or if you have the clone code to a formative you’ve successfully embedded a Padlet in, that would be helpful for troubleshooting!


@msashly @jamie_sardana Ashly and Jamie- I cloned the formative- Very nice Ashly! Great topic and use of Formative!

2 quick check-in items:

  1. Do you want the students to interact with the Padlet? The Embed code you have in there right now is for the “preview” of the Padlet and will not allow interaction. There is a crazy long embed code in Padlet for the interactive version.

  2. I am still experimenting with the embed code to see how to get the window to re-size, it is not responding to any size changes that are working in other embeds from different sites. I will keep testing today and let you know.


I was hoping they could interact with the formative, but if it’s too complicated, don’t worry about it!

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@jamie_sardana @msashly I was just trying something else with Padlet embed and figured out the sizing!

You will need to add the size BEFORE the [src=] in the iframe like this: < iframe width=“860px” height=“600px” src=“https://padlet.com/embed/qvcsdjdj2624” frameborder=“0” style=“display:block;padding:0;margin:0”>

You can then change the px # for width and height to your liking. To get the embed to fill the entire box under a question it is
width=“1000px” height=“600px”


@BarryD Oh wow. Thank you.


@BarryD Okay so I am failing miserably lol. I can NOT get it to work!! It appears on the Formative, but you cannot do anything to it.


@msashly okay, I think you may have used the “preview” Padlet link, go back to Padlet and they should give you 3 embed codes, be sure to use the crazy long code and cut it down. It should look like this: ( I added a space after the first < so it will appear in this text box, delete that and it should give you the editable Padlet embed: < iframe width=“1000px” height=“600px” src=“https://padlet.com/embed/qvcsdjdj2624” frameborder=“0” style=“display:block;padding:0;margin:0”>

Looking for a tool to collect ideas collaboratively

@BarryD You are awesome. Thank you!


Thank you for the info!

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Thank you so much, @BarryD! I followed your instructions and was able to embed an interactive padlet AND fix the window size. This is so cool. Thank you!


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Great! Glad it worked for you! The Padlet embed code is insanely long!!!

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Me tooo. I agree with you it never works. I tried it multiply times.


Me too. I tried multiple times and it never works.


No i dont have any issue with a code from padlet


Yes I have it so what I have to do next