Embedding Edpuzzle

Every time I try to Embed Edpuzzle it doesn’t allow a lot of my students and says I need to grant them permission or log in with a different account? Any help here?

I’ve had similar issues so I have two workarounds. Use the public link feature to embed the video but you won’t be able to track their progress. When I use public links I require students to fill out video summary form. Here’s one for screencasts. Please modify it as needed. https://forms.gle/gYN4sMMp6kwcDvJCA

If you to track student progress paste the URL beneath the video. I do this for all embedded videos

I’m also trying to trouble shoot EdPuzzle.

This is something that I have tried myself, but with no progress. Would love to see what troubleshooting ideas others may have as it is an awesome medium to appsmash with.

I just assigned a formative with 2 Edpuzzles embedded. I guess I will find out tomorrow how it works. I will add the Edpuzzle weblink as well (good tip). Crossing my fingers.