Embedded EDpuzzle activity


Is there a way to generate a score for an embedded EDpuzzle activity?

I created a quiz and embedded a short EDpuzzle activity with one question (a check all that are correct question). Is there a way to award a number of points earned in the actual Formative activity for completing the embedded activity?

Here’s the clone code:TEGPEK

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Also along these lines…I’m trying to embed timed vocab drill work GoConqr activities with an embed code into my Formative and it doesn’t show up in the preview…

Quiz created by Pamela Dentler with GoConqr

Hoping that I’m missing something obvious! :wink:


Interested in the answer to these questions also…:slight_smile:


There’s currently no way to award points for non-questions but that seems like a great idea because I could see teachers wanting the embedded activities to count towards a student’s overall score on the formative. I appreciate the feedback and have noted it!

I clicked on the link you provide but it took me to the GoConquer site. Could you provide the link for the formative where you pasted the embed code? :slight_smile:

Question about links?

I scrapped the activity since the GoConqr activity didn’t show up and did something else…BUT I can absolutely blend a couple things this weekend and post a clone code :ok_hand:t2:
To be continued…


What I have done in the past when I embed EdPuzzle is to add the question as a note on the video, telling students to scroll down to the corresponding question on Formative. Not ideal, but students learn quickly that this is what they need to do, and I can then award points based on their Formative responses.

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Question about links?

Definitely a good workaround! You’re right…not ideal, but it works. Thanks for the suggestion!



I have made this change with one of my Formatives and plan to include it in my webinar on Monday evening! Thanks so much @mgarcia!!


You could add a comment in Edpuzzle (as one of the question types). I always add a picture and usually add the caption…time to add to your notes…

It shows the picture and the messages. Your message could cue the students to answer the question in the goformative.

ex. Answer question #3 in the Goformative about…



If you just want kids to watch the EDpuzzle video, but you don’t want to have to toggle back and forth for grading, you could type a code or a picture into a final comment at the end of the video with instructions to copy and paste this into Formative. Each video could have a code, and it would be easy to have it on auto-grade, too!


I really like the idea of embedding an EDpuzzle within a formative! EDpuzzle is another great resource to check for student understanding. I never thought about doing that. Thanks for sharing your link :+1:



I don’t know if both Edpuzzle and Goformative updated after this thread started, but you can ask questions in Edpuzzle or you could insert a video into a formative.

Would it be easier just to keep kids on one or the other instead of app smashing them? I haven’t used Edpuzzle a whole bunch, so I didn’t know if there was a reason to use them together.


Although yes, it would be easier, I do it to keep myself “sane”.
On one hand, I want to be able to crop and embed the stopping points in a video so I can focus students’ attention on a particular item. If I don’t I find that they watch videos as if they were watching TV for entertainment (not a lot of information gathering just passive watching).
On the other hand, those videos and video clips are usually part of a much larger assignment. By embedding them in formative, I can have them watch a video and then move on to an embedded simulation, reading, writing assignment or whatever. Everything that is being assessed is in one place so just one place to go look at work. (especially since I then have to put those values in to my LMS).