Earn Your Formative Educator Badge!


I use Formative in a variety of ways. I use it for anything from a bell ringer for when students come into class, to check student understanding after a lesson, or as a simple way to “go-green” instead of printing copies for students. I also like that each question is broken down by student success rate, making it easy to identify patterns in student learning.


I use Formative because it’s a fast easy way to make interactive formative assessments that can then be shared with colleagues, and it’s green friendly!


Using Fromative has gotten me away from the one and done test and moved me to the growth over time mind-set. I now measure my math CCSS over the year growing and cleaning up math content based on the formative results. The CCSS have always been a “by the end of the year students will be able to…” however as teachers we get sucked into a scope and sequence that dictates… the test in Oct showed “XYZ” so it must be so, and that standard is never checked again.
Thanks formative for helping me be the best teacher I can be!
Tracey K RI


I use the ‘Upload and Transform’ option to create map tests and quizzes for my World History class. It is important that students understand geography in order to make sense of history and become global citizens today. I can assign a practice test/quiz that students can take at home. I can then monitor who has completed the assignment and who may need additional support. Also, I like that I can allow students to return to the quiz to make corrections. When the students are using Formative in class (rather than at home), I can see in real time how students are doing. For example, I recently had an EL student who had the majority of the answers correct, but had not capitalized the names of the countries. I was able to provide him support before he submitted the test. I also like that I can clearly see who has mastered the content, who needs additional support and where a question needs to be modified or additional review is needed (i.e. if many students get a specific question wrong). The ability to assign and monitor at home, provide real-time support and quickly see summative data has helped improve student learning in my classroom.


I use goformative for exit tickets. The students answer the questions and when students are finished, I will show responses with out names and we discuss the correct answers. Go formative also allows students to see their own growth. Students can use their goformative exit tickets as review materials for class summative assessments


I use the responses to help group students for activities to come. It helps me quickly see where gaps are and also where students are excelling.


I look over student responses and reply to those primarily with misconceptions that need to be cleared up. I will also give feedback on quality responses. Sometimes I will post student responses using the projector to go over the best responses and “my favorite mistake.”


I teach in a blended learning classroom, so formative is used often. It allows students to work at their own pace and on their own path. I use formative to help me make my groups for the next day. I can see which kids need some extra help with a topic/ skill and which kids are ready to move ahead. I can also use it to see if there is a question/ skill/ topic that a lot of students missed. It may mean that I need to reword that question or reteach the concept.


I usually use goformative for creating CFAs.


I recently have used GoFormative to introduce and review vocabulary. Instead of simply asking for a definition, I have students represent their knowledge in different ways using tools on GoFormative such as the drawing tool, short answer, and multiple choice.


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I often use the responses to start asking my students on how they came about to formulating the answer. It allows for better group work and discussions. So usually, the students will work in groups to formulate an answer and then they write the answer into the formative. After that, I create a class discussion by showing the responses and discussing which answer is better and why.


I use go formative mostly as an informal assessment as a warm up to review previous days concept and/or an exit slip to review that days concept taught. This helps me to see immediately who has it and who doesn’t , if I need to reteach to whole class or a select few. The kids love it and so do I!


I use it for everything! My students love that they can see which questions they need to review as soon as they are done (I have it set to after they submit). It helps them assess their own learning instantly instead of waiting for a grade to be returned and then forgetting what they were reading and responding.


I use GoFormative as a way of checking how my lessons have been received by my students, so after a lesson, I’ll give them an Exit Ticket/Entrance Ticket to complete via GoFormative. I like it because it quickly shows me whether or not students understood my lesson or shows me who was paying attention. This data allows me to make informed decisions to adapt my future lessons or reteach topics. I also like that I can use the GoFormative quizzes I create to review topics in my classes.


I use goformative to gauge student understanding at the end of a lesson. Some weeks I will use it every single day, while other weeks I will use it on Friday. It allows me to adapt my plans to meet the needs of my student.


I use Formative for math intervention because I can have many students working individually on problem solving and give immediate constructive feedback to each student. Students can work at their own pace on leveled assignments. It is a great program!


I use Formative with Primary students so we do reviews at the start of a lesson and then I see the responses and target students for extra support from the results. We also do class reviews with the names removed so we can discuss misconceptions and debate/respond to the errors people made.
We like to learn from our Marvelous Mistakes!


I used Formative primarily to assess students on tests and quizzes. However, now that I have been introduced to this community, it has opened my eyes to a lot more that you can do. I have been asked to show how I use this in my classroom to my colleagues next week and I am happy to be able to show more than I thought. I am so glad that I have seen all of the other elements that can be utilized just in this one program. I am still learning but am excited to learn more and make my room more interactive which is where I am currently lacking.


I am an online teacher for High School Physics and Physical Science. I use go formative to check engagement during live sessions and to track the understanding of students on the topic. It also allows me to evaluate my lessons and see how much of the information students actually understand. By keeping the responses as a record I can check students for understanding on a more regular basis. This is helpful when I only see my students twice a week.