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I use GF for practice and as formative assessments with high school students. My favorite use is for sentence diagramming (although the “new” tools have disabled the ability to turn text diagonally, so I’m using GF a lot less this year).

I particularly enjoy being able to pull up responses with hidden names, reviewing questions with each class. Often, I allow students to go back and edit their responses. The low-stakes process and display of student work is great for increased engagement.

I would be using GF every week (and propose premium for our English department) if the old diagonal text and text resize tools came back…


I use Formative for immediate feedback from students to enrich formative assessment. It allows me to connect with students easily and to follow up, even if we are not face-to-face.


I prefer to use GoFormative to provide instant feedback to the students on an assignment that they have ALREADY completed. I am sure to have the settings allow them for instant feedback as well as to edit their work. I enjoy listening to their questions of another other and to me about a concept. The student becomes the learner and not just a student. They have to think about their thought process. I love it.


When I create my GoFormative assessments, I align them with a specific TEK/standard. This assists me in tracking student progress and tailoring my instruction!


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I use Formative for summative assessments like quizzes. I like that it “corrects” the quizzes for me so I use my time to only examine the incorrect answers. With 110 students in the same subject, grading summative assessments used to take a large amount of my time. I’m now using assessments more often, which helps me better track student mastery.

I also like that I can see a breakdown for each question. The class may do well over all, but they all may struggle with a particular concept. Formative allows me to immediately see that, instead of me compiling my own spreadsheets of responses and grades.


Among other things, I use Formative for my daily warm-up questions with students. It gives both the kids and me a snapshot of what they know from the previous day’s lesson, what they know as previous knowledge, etc. I can scan through the “Totals” to get a daily snapshot of where the whole class is and then adjust the lesson as needed, including making time to meet with specific students who are not understanding ideas.


I use GoFormative as exit tickets for my students. Their responses help me to see who understood the material during class. I also use it to help me group students appropriately so that I can run small-group lessons if needed.


I use Goformative in many of the ways stated above, but recently I have been using it to provide background knowledge for novels we read. For Example in on class we are reading The Jungle b Upton Sinclair. Using formative, I can embed short videos on various issues adressed in the novel - such as immigration during industrialization, labor unions, child labor etc. Students answer questions about the video then tie the information to what they are reading in the book.


I find #GoFormative is a great tool for both student engagement as they can get instant feedback on their work. As an Educator, it is a great tool for me as well to understand my students


I teach Spanish at the beginner, intermediate, advance, and native Spanish speaker level. I have found that students required to communicate by reading, writing, understand by listening, and speaking are the most improved in acquiring a foreign language. Formative is the only platform that offers me the ability to use audio responses in a friendly way. I can assess if student is actually growing when they show output in a legitimate way.


Formative has been a complete game changer in my classroom. Not only do students receive immediate feedback, but I can also watch their progress as they work. As my district begins the process of changing to Standards Based Grading I know that I will be able to continue using Formative because the standards tracker makes it so easy to monitor students’ progress. I can see in an instant if my students are “getting it” and adjust my instruction accordingly.


GoFormative lets me create an assignment with a variety of questions involved, whether just simple fill in the blanks, or MCQ, and better still, multiple selection questions and show your work questions. I use show your work questions for annotation or completion of Chinese characters. Perfect!


Goformative is great for summative and formative assessment. It’s great when infusing Primary Resource Document studies. I love the ability to place markers on written documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut and Constitution. This tool allows my students to focus their eyes and pinpoint key terms. It’s so helpful to place a simple question for them to analyze.

I have also used it to differentiate assessments for students who need support identified in their specific IEP. I found that adopting pictures with the physical description increased identification success. I hope to integrate my entire Special Education lessons using GoFormative to help identify any additional shortfalls that require reteaching.


I use Formative to see what questions my students are missing the most. During class I can revisit this topic and make sure that students have heard it a different way. I have also had students that have gotten a question right, and they have explained to students around them how to solve the problem. Formative enables me to immediately see where my students are struggling and gives me a chance to fill in gaps before their unit test.


I work with the students as they process the questions so that there misunderstandings are corrected immediately.


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I use go formative almost daily. I use it as Quick Checks to see if my students have mastered a certain skill. If I see 80% or above, I allow those students to explore the topic further. Those who do not earn 80% or above get a quick conference with me, where we go over the topic and I typically re-assess them verbally.
I have created pre-tests through this as well as Summative assessments. I love this website and am grateful for it.


I use goformative to test for understanding. It helps me to have a quick summary of my students gaps without time consuming marking and allows me to re plan lessons. Goformative also offer me a way of doing tests more interesting as I can include videos, articles, etc and I love to see students answers live to start marking while they are working.


I use Formative both in a formative and summative mode with my students. I can check on a daily basis and I can verify the learning the I feel has taken place and have evidence to adjust my learning and also know where strengths and weaknesses are.