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Like others here, I use Formative in class to monitor who needs extra help and I can either supply online or in person. I also use formative as homework assignments which reduces the time I need to spend in class going over questions. I will often in this case supply an embedded video to watch before the student does the assignment -semi flipped.


I use formative as a bell work activity. I ask 4 questions on what we did the day before. I also use it as a review guide before a test, my students receive instant feedback. It is a great tool!


I use formative to reinforce science topics. my students love it. it’s a nice break from the norm


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GoFormative is a quick and easy way to assess learning. Often I upload portions of tests that I want to address, and formative gives me the options I want to modify answers. Also, I use GoFormative to create surveys, vote for student council across grade levels, and do short writings. Everything is in one place which makes grading so much easier!


I use goformative to assess the content my students need extra help with. This will lead me to making more review to help them out.


I’m very interested to see how you do a survey and a vote with a Formative. Could you share two Formatives, @pvaal?


I love using formative to provide individualized feedback to students in my AP Statistics and math lab classes. I also find it powerful to put a group of 4-8 student responses on the TV in front of our classroom anonymously. Students see each others’ work and improve their vocabulary and see alternative approaches to problem solving.


I love the ability to comment on individual student work. Like others have stated, I work toward skil mastery with my high school English students. By commenting on their reponse and giving the ability for them to rework their answer, students can achieve mastery.


I do the same thing, then give my students at chance to fix their answers if they so desire. This allows them to have the right answer when studying for the assessment. I found that my answers on essay questions have improved.


I use GoFormative in my math classes primarily for the ability to see student work as they work problems. I’ll have students work one step of a multistep algebra problem and then put all variations of that problem (since I can see all of them) on the board. Then we have a discussion about the logic and thought behind each variation, regardless of whether or not its right or wrong. This validates ALL student thinking and creates vocabulary rich discussions. After we have chosen the version we like the best, we work the next step from that point. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It takes awhile to get through problem but is amazingly powerful.


I use Formative to give quicker feedback on homework and to reinforce mastery learning. Students seem to pay more attention to my feedback and work to correct answers. On papers they seem to only care about the score at the top.


I use GoFormative almost every day as an Algebra 1 warm up. My students love the immediate feedback on their accuracy. I also love the latex addition, this allows me to input formulas for my questions. My student have become much more engaged in the warm up and have been holding themselves more accountable for their achievements.


I started using GoFormative because of my colleague and now I am addicted! It’s such a great tool to get students motivated, check for understanding and giving them instant feedback!


I often use Formative for small quizzes to check if my students understand the meanings of words.


My district is making the move to digital 1:1 curriculum. With this change, came the loss of consumable workbooks for each student. I use GoFormative to upload those documents “come to life” in a way that is a happy compromise for the students, myself and the district initiative.


I mainly use GoFormative to distribute my students’ ‘Cool Downs/Exit Tickets’ to inform my instruction for the next day. Is this a concept that students are starting to master? Or do we need to slow down a little bit and review/discuss a particular concept in more depth? I also love the feature to respond back to students regarding their answer so they can go back and take a look at their work independently.


I haven’t currently used Formative in my class. I am hoping by exploring on here and seeing how others are using it as well as finding tricks and suggestions, that I can effectively teach my teachers how to use formative.


I use Goformative for nearly everything in my class. I use it for the bellwork, exit ticket, classworks on occasion, and my flipped lessons. I use Goformative in order to have instant feedback for the students and for myself. I try to use data to drive the instruction. For example, just today I have two different lessons prepared for how the bellwork went. I think Goformative is a game changer for today’s classroom, even more so with me being in a one-to-one school.


For me Formative is a good tool to monitor the progress of the students and give them personal feedback without any distractions from the classroom.
It’s also a good way to check what should possibly be on the program for the next courses to ensure everyone will have a better unstanding of the subject.
I love how you can give different types of assignments and even let the students express themselves freely with the more open options.